Friday, December 30, 2011

It's a Sad One Year

Not all anniversaries are meant to be happy ones. It was my grandfather's first death anniversary last Tuesday and until now, though it's been a year already, I still cry because I miss him. He was my inspiration for wanting to become a doctor. Sadly, I disappointed him though he won't be able to tell me how disappointed he is because I am never going to be a doctor anymore. Although on the brighter side, I think he will be partly happy with my decision because he wouldn't want me to suffer more than 10 years doing something that I really don't like. My grandfather has always been a cheerful and caring lolo to all of us and he will be happy no matter our decisions as long as we are happy. This is what I wore to commemorate his 1 year stay in heaven. He will forever be missed.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas/Brother's Birthday

It was my brother's 18th birthday last saturday. Yes, he was born on Christmas eve. Many people think it's both a curse and a gift. A curse since you only get to receive one gift. A gift simply because it's Christmas. For my brother it is the former.

This is what I wore that day. The holidays is that time of the year you can dress up festively and bring out all the hidden sparkles and sequins in your closet. I do like clothes with heavy embellishments but I find it inconvenient to wear because I always scrape my arms in sequins. So, what better way to wear glitters other than on your clothes than your shoes? I've been eyeing glitter pumps ever since I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Kryz Uy, wear them. But I don't want to spend too much money on it since I know it is a trend that might fade sooner than I can wear them again. Thanks to Jellybean, I found the "it" shoes of the season without having to spend 3,000 pesos on a pair (the Michael Antonio ones Kryz has).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am no Cosplayer

I met up with some of my closest friends last Saturday for for our annual Christmas Party. One of my friends always tell me I look like a cosplayer. I really have no idea why she says I look like one when my outfit is not even half of how complicated cosplayer costumes are. In my opinion I look normal. Well, what do you think? Do I really look like one? haha!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Proud Iska! :)

Last Friday was UP Diliman's annual Lantern Parade. I always look forward to this event every year. It wasn't as cold as it used to be years ago but still, I had so much fun with old friends.
Do you guys even remember this thing? Unding or undin? haha! It was so cute! lol. 

Wall-e! It moves on its own!  

With my favorite professor. He's supposed to be retired already. But I guess he loves teaching that much.  

UP Babaylan. Oh my, these girls are just so fine! 

 Shattered dreams...UP College of Medicine.

With the one and only Ms. Alma Concepcion. This was the College of Home Economics' parade. I was looking for one of my favorite bloggers Tin Iglesias but I didn't see her! Fail. :(

Proud Iska! :)

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Congratulations! Giveaway Winners

As promised, here are the winners of my first ever giveaway.

Team Pink goes to entry number 9: Jean Beltran

Team Green goes to entry number 11: Zelle <3

Congratulations girls! Thank you to everyone who joined. I will be having another one early next year so stay tuned for that. Merry Christmas! :D

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Old Friends, New Memories

This is just a short outfit post of what I wore during UP Diliman's Lantern Parade. And because my friends were in our tambayan since morning they were able to watch the annual Oblation Run. Our tambayan  has one of the best views for the Oblation Run. haha! I was late so yeah, it was already over when I got there. I was in school the whole day so I went for comfy and casual clothes since I will be sitting on the sidewalk, walking around and taking pictures the whole day. This is what I decided to wear. I am a lazy dresser at times especially when I know I will be walking around for a whole day.

[shades: Accessorize | dress: thrifted | flats: Just G. | bag: The Sak | watch: Paul Frank]

photos courtesy of my friend Ryan Tagle

Goofing around with my best friend. I really miss being in college. So much good memories to share and some bad ones we wish we can forget. Nonetheless, college was a blast and definitely one of the best years of my life. :) I will blog about the event and show you some of the cutest lanterns we saw (obviously from the College of Fine Arts) later. I am still in the process of grabbing pictures. 

Who came for the Lantern Parade this year? Blessed Sunday everyone! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wobbly and Careless

I absolutely loathe these pair of shoes now. I liked it before because of the design but wearing it around the mall last week...gaahhh! I can only say bad things about these shoes. No doubt I like the design. It's coral, it's wedges, it's high but they are super unstable! I twisted my ankle like 7 times! I never fell flat on the floor even once but I almost did. wa poise!  But I didn't really care about the people who saw me twist my ankles. haha! They're not available in stores anymore I believe so I can't warn other people to not buy it anymore. But if you still see these around, think twice before you do buy them. But I am giving these pair a second chance. Maybe my ankles were just not in a good condition that day and simply because I really like the style. I can walk in heels by the way so I don't think it is my walk that is the problem. I never twisted my ankles 7 times in any of my other heels.

[top: from mom | shorts: thrifted | shoes: Parisian]

[silver necklace with pink jade: gifted | charm watch: Anne Klein | silver ring: from mom]

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Style Inspiration: Japanese Fashion

I have always adored Japanese fashion ever since I can remember. I always look up to them for style inspiration because I always find them very unique and individual. Although I wouldn't really dress up the same way as most of them do in Japan because it's super hot here and I will get tons of "what the hell is she wearing" stares. I'm not really the type who cares about people's stares when I dress up but I do care about the random people who would whisper things in my ear! I don't like it when they do that and I find it disrespectful. I commute so I get that often when I feel like dressing up. That's the reason why I somehow feel limited with the clothes that I can wear (hello my trusty oversized tops and shorts). We are a super conservative country that people who do dress up and commute get all kinds of comments and stares in the world. I love Japanese fashion but sadly I can only wear them from time to time (e.g events, when my dad can give me a ride or when I have the money to ride a cab instead of the jeepney). But I love looking at them and drawing inspiration from them for when I can strut such style.

All pictures were taken from is one of my favorite Japanese street fashion websites updated weekly on real people and what they really wear. Thanks God for google chrome because it has a translator (the site is originally written in Japanese characters). The last picture is my favorite as of the moment. It makes me wish we have really cold winter days here in the Philippines as well. Some of the pictures though are commute-appropriate and society conforming so I can get away with wearing such even if I commute. 

What's your style inspiration? Happy Thursday! :)

Sunday, December 04, 2011

DIY: From jeans to shorts

You all know I barely wear jeans. I do own some pairs though for when I need them but I don't usually wear them. So as to not waste my old jeans I like to cut them and turn them into shorts. Here is how I make my ripped shorts out of my old jeans.

Things you'll need:
  • old jeans
  • your favorite pair of shorts (as reference only)
  • scissors
  • marker
  • cheese grater

Step 1.) Lay your jeans flat on your work surface.
  Step 2.) Lay on top of your jeans the shorts you want to use as your reference for length.
 Step 3.) Put a mark on your jeans on where you want to start cutting. This will be the length of your shorts.
 Step 4.) Put a mark on both legs of the pants.
 Step 5.) Start cutting.
 Step 6.) Place the ends of your newly cut pants against the cheese grater and start grating for that shredded, ripped look.
 Step 7.) This is optional. I cut a few more rips on the leg of the shorts for a more distressed look and placed the rips against the cheese grater as well.
 And there you have it! Your ripped shorts. :D

I like turning old jeans into shorts as it allows me to save money and buy other stuff that my closet needs more than another pair of shorts. This allows me to recycle as well. If you have old jeans that you barely use anymore but still fit you, why not turn them into shorts and give it a more up-to-date look. 

I've had this pair of jeans since 2nd year high school. I know it's almost a decade ago already but look how perfectly it still fits. Either I never grew and still have my 2nd year high school body or my jeans became loose after frequent wear from before. I don't really know. 

Happy Sunday everyone! :D

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dear Santa: My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I tried really, really hard to be a good girl this year. Please grant me any of these things and I would be forever grateful to you.

1.) Shu Uemura Tulle Lace False eyelashes
You have no idea how much I've been lusting over this false lashes for years now! I went through a phase when I would wear false eyelashes everyday all day long in school. I just love, love, love false lashes! Unfortunately, I can only afford department store brands. Shu Uemura cost thousands here in the Philippines and department store lashes costs about 50Php the cheapest. See the huge difference?

I will be renovating my room really, really soon and I want a new lamp. Specifically, this lamp/chandelier to accentuate the theme that I am going to do for my room. I can't wait to have a pink damask lamp in my room! I will use it all night to get the most out f it! hahaha! No, I won't do that...sayang kuryente. :D

This I want to get from my boyfriend. I want a white gold ring with black diamond stone in the middle. But I have to wait 5 more years before he gives me such...yeah, my engagement ring I suppose. 

I know, some of you may think that I am such a loser. Okay, maybe I really am a loser. I feel like the satchel craze will soon be over but I still want it! I want a pink satchel bag and yes, I don't own any satchel bags until now. It's the it-bag this year and I am so not in! 

Oh my...I want Taylor Lautner this Christmas. Just look at those perfectly chiseled abs. Who can resist? Plus the wet look...oh no I am committing a sin right now. 

All pictures were googled. Each belongs to their rightful owner. 

I want any of these this Christmas, Santa. Hope you give me any of these. Thank you! :D

So, what's your Christmas wishlist? Are you excited for the holidays? I am! And I can't wait for all the parties and gatherings in store this holiday season! :D