Monday, May 30, 2011

Confessions: ADIDAS (all day I dream about shoes)

Yes...I confess. I'm a shoe addict! And one brand I am lusting over
for years now is Miu Miu.Miu Miu never fails to bring us extraordinarily
whimsical creatures that haunt me to sleep!Unfortunately, they're too
expensive for me. Someday...SOMEDAY! I will get a hold of you, miu miu.
This is from the spring/summer 2011 collection. Just look at how intricate the details are!
I particularly like the one on the left. haha! 
Yes, I like it because its pink.

Come fall/winter 2011...the sparkle, the glitter, the frost...
It's all about the bling!
Gold and silver spell festive!
Smells like the holiday breeze is here.

Dear Santa,
Can I have one of these please? I promise I'll be a good girl this year.
Have a goodnight. :)
Jenny <3
I'll do more of these confessions if you like them. I'll basically confess something to all of you. :D
What do you think of these shoes?

Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To: Maxi Dress

yes! finally my first ever post.

I used to hate maxi dresses. I'm only 5'4" and somehow even if I'm not that small I can never seem to pull off a maxi dress. I do love dresses though and my wardrobe contains more dresses than I can ever want. Then one day I came across a maxi dress from Freeway with a really psychedelic pattern but very nice still. I bought it, and now here are ways on how I rock my maxi dress. I can never wear this with flipflops or sandals as maxi dresses are very long and I tend to trip on my dress if I do so. So tip number 1, wear heels or wedges. Maxi dresses can help you look elongated creating a cheat on how to make you look longer.

Style #1: using jean jackets

Many celebrities right now like Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson rock their maxi dresses with jean jackets for a day trip around the city. Here in the Philippines though jean jackets may be a bit too hot for you so you can opt to wear denim vests instead. I paired mine with black peep-toe booties to add more edge to the outfit.

Style #2: to the beach

Maxi Dresses are your best bet in enjoying the summer sea breeze. Add a sun hat and wooden braclets and you're ready to hit the beach. I wore espadrille wedges instead of flipflops. Espadrille wedges are a must have summer shoes.

Style #3. Formal gatherings
I wanted my shot to look like this

But I can't get a nice shot so it ended up like this
I know it doesn't look good.

Maxi dresses are so versatile that you can either wear 'em to the beach or rock 'em in a formal event. I like wearing this caged cut-out heels for a more formal yet edgy vibe. Gold accessories like bangles and earrings also add more flair to a maxi dress. Gold accessories can make any outfit go from street to chic.

I hope this helped you in styling your maxi dress. I would love to see how you style yours! :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm finally starting my blog...

I've been contemplating for months now if I will start a blog or not. I've always wanted to share to you tips and tricks about fashion and beauty. I'm no expert or miracle worker and everything I will share here are just what I have learned and tried over the years. Here is my schedule for this month and I would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestion you may have to help me with my first post and for future ideas on how to improve this blog. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I know I will enjoy posting. I will be posting every friday and here is what I have in store for you this month: 
  • May 27 - How To: Maxi Dress (I will be showing you how one maxi dress can be styled different ways)
  • June 3 - Product Review: Etude House AC Clinic Foam Cleanser
  • June 10 - Look for Less: Vanessa Hudgens Inspired (I am in no way trying to look exactly like Vanessa Hudgens. This is just INSPIRED by her)
  • June 17 - DIY: Home Remedy for Acne Scars (You can find the ingredients in you kitchen or the grocery. Using all natural products to treat acne scars at the comforts of your own home)
  • June 24 - RANDOM! I am yet to come up with an idea. Any suggestions?  And I have a surprise to my followers this day. :D
Thank you in advance! :D