Monday, May 30, 2011

Confessions: ADIDAS (all day I dream about shoes)

Yes...I confess. I'm a shoe addict! And one brand I am lusting over
for years now is Miu Miu.Miu Miu never fails to bring us extraordinarily
whimsical creatures that haunt me to sleep!Unfortunately, they're too
expensive for me. Someday...SOMEDAY! I will get a hold of you, miu miu.
This is from the spring/summer 2011 collection. Just look at how intricate the details are!
I particularly like the one on the left. haha! 
Yes, I like it because its pink.

Come fall/winter 2011...the sparkle, the glitter, the frost...
It's all about the bling!
Gold and silver spell festive!
Smells like the holiday breeze is here.

Dear Santa,
Can I have one of these please? I promise I'll be a good girl this year.
Have a goodnight. :)
Jenny <3
I'll do more of these confessions if you like them. I'll basically confess something to all of you. :D
What do you think of these shoes?


  1. They're sooo gorgeous! :)
    I never saw miu miu heels, but after I saw your post, I will check out their heels more! thanks for sharing! :)

  2. thanks for following.. I am following u back

  3. wow these shoes are darling! love the silver and pink, mui mui is just divine. love the blog, following xxxxx

  4. woow.. they are gorgeous..
    i am a shoe addict too...

    thx for dropping by and commenting on my blog.

  5. woww,those shoes are to die for :D

  6. Love the right side heels on the first picture :D amazing!

  7. they all are gorgeous. nice blog you have here.

  8. miu miu is the ultimate in girly chic! i love all the shoes :) following you now :)

  9. Love your blog. Can we follow each other?

  10. Thanks for your comment dear. You said you are following me but I do not see you in my google friend connect list.

  11. Gorgeous shoes!! I love the last one.=)

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