Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To: Maxi Dress

yes! finally my first ever post.

I used to hate maxi dresses. I'm only 5'4" and somehow even if I'm not that small I can never seem to pull off a maxi dress. I do love dresses though and my wardrobe contains more dresses than I can ever want. Then one day I came across a maxi dress from Freeway with a really psychedelic pattern but very nice still. I bought it, and now here are ways on how I rock my maxi dress. I can never wear this with flipflops or sandals as maxi dresses are very long and I tend to trip on my dress if I do so. So tip number 1, wear heels or wedges. Maxi dresses can help you look elongated creating a cheat on how to make you look longer.

Style #1: using jean jackets

Many celebrities right now like Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson rock their maxi dresses with jean jackets for a day trip around the city. Here in the Philippines though jean jackets may be a bit too hot for you so you can opt to wear denim vests instead. I paired mine with black peep-toe booties to add more edge to the outfit.

Style #2: to the beach

Maxi Dresses are your best bet in enjoying the summer sea breeze. Add a sun hat and wooden braclets and you're ready to hit the beach. I wore espadrille wedges instead of flipflops. Espadrille wedges are a must have summer shoes.

Style #3. Formal gatherings
I wanted my shot to look like this

But I can't get a nice shot so it ended up like this
I know it doesn't look good.

Maxi dresses are so versatile that you can either wear 'em to the beach or rock 'em in a formal event. I like wearing this caged cut-out heels for a more formal yet edgy vibe. Gold accessories like bangles and earrings also add more flair to a maxi dress. Gold accessories can make any outfit go from street to chic.

I hope this helped you in styling your maxi dress. I would love to see how you style yours! :D


  1. Cute maxi dress! And welcome to Blogspot. =)

    Lots of love,

  2. awww! thank you so much. <3

  3. By the way Jenny, I'm also 5'4. Don't let your height pull you down. You aced this look! Promise, you didn't look 5'4 in that dress. =)

  4. By the way, do you have a Chictopia account? =)

  5. thank you jemy! oh the wonders of high heels. :D none as of the moment. I will be making one soon. I'll let you know. :D

  6. Hi! come and visit Jakarta! :)
    magnum is closing in May, but they still have lots of good places,
    anyway love your heels! <3

  7. thank you! I will surely let you know if I visit Jakarts. :)

  8. The dress looks great on you! Welcome to Blogspot sweetie :D I just followed you. Please do follow my blog too :) TIA!

  9. You really suit that maxi dress, I love how you styled it! I'm also really liking the print on your maxi dress.


  10. @Iya and @sarah: thank you for the wonderful comments. I really appreciate it. Followed both of you! <3

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  13. wow..super like.
    bad thing, i dunno how to dress.

    nice! goodluck..:)

  14. @knick knacks: I'm glad you liked my post. hope you stay tuned for the next one! :) It's okay if you're not comfortable wearing a dress. You're not the only who isn't. Just wear whatever it is you're comfortable with and wear it with confidence. :D

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  16. welcome to blogger world!! :)
    very great first post. my first post is sucks! haha

  17. love your jean jacket :D

  18. thank you! all for such support. I will do my best on my next posts. :D

  19. I appreciate you for creating a nice post. Maxi dress looks trendy and fabulous