Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confessions: My Current Obssession - Mulberry

I am one lazy blogger. No outfit post for today but I want to share with you my current obssession - Mulberry Bags. I don't own one but I dream of it every single night! That's how addicted I am of them. I am trying my very best to save up for the Alexa bag but was unsuccessful because I can't stop myself from buying clothes and shoes...poor me. :( Anyway, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, Mulberry is an English brand based in the UK. Their bags have the signature mulberry tree etched on the hardwares of each bag. Oh how I covet thy bags!

 Even celebrities (alexa chung pictured above) can't get enough of this bag!

Notice to the Public:
All pictures posted here are not my own. If something here is your own and want to be credited or want me to take it down, feel free to message me. :)

Which bag haunts you? :)


  1. Hi Jenny! Mulberry is so cute. My mom wants one too. Is this available here in the Philippines?

    Much love,

  2. Oh my...Mulberry! I hear you! I'm saving up for one too? I really love the first two pics! Lovely colors!

    Greetings xx

  3. @jemy: I'm not sure. I haven't heard any malls around here that sells mulberry. I'm thinking of online shopping. Or if you have a relative or a friend who lives in the UK ask them to buy one for you! haha! The Mulberry outlet store sells the bag way cheaper. :)

    @Linton: yes! I am so obssessed! I really hope I can save up for this bag. :)

  4. Mulberry is so adorable,hope you'll get it as soon as possible ;)

  5. Be careful there are so many fake Mulberry bags on line, John Lewis and House of Fraser have Mulberry in store shops in the UK I have three two were gifts,18th and 21st and one I saved for Ledbury and .Alexa in Oak. and my lovely large Antony I love that bag, its leather is now so soft could be a pillow bought that in Cheshire Oakes, a lot cheaper.
    But do be careful, I thought I was on a Mulberry www and it was a replica site ..