Monday, June 13, 2011

Style Me Famous: Vanessa Hudgens Inspired

I was supposed to upload this last friday but due to stressful circumstances, I had to postpone it to today.

I am in no way trying to look like Vanessa Hudgens. The looks posted below are just INSPIRED by her. And Pardon my messy hair, I just came home from a really stressful enrolment day.

Wouldn't it be nice to raid a celebrity's closet? Vanessa Hudgens would be on the top of my list of closets to raid. Come fashion emergencies I always look up to celebrities for inspiration. They are always fashionable without looking too trying hard. I like Vanessa Hudgens' edgy, chic, feminine style and here are three looks of her I was inspired by. By the way, all items I wore here are already in my closet and could also be present in yours. There's absolutely no need to buy new items.

Look #1: Chic, romantic white dress
I immediately fell in love with this one. Though it's a very simple look with just a plain white dress, belt, and heels she managed to look elegant and romantic. I think this look would be perfect for a lunch date. And here is my version...
[dress: Zara Basic | Wedges: Primadonna]

Since it is summer I chose to wear espadrille wedges, which I personally love. The dress is a very lightweight one much like what I can see in Vanessa's dress. A woven belt also spells S-U-M-M-E-R that goes well with the wedges.

Look #2: Edgy yet feminine
I personally think this is one of Vanessa's stylish moments. I love the feminine top, high waist skinny jeans, and the peep-toe heels are gorgeous! So here is my version...
[silk top: thrifted | skinny jeans: unbranded from the U.S | peep-toe heels: S.O. FAB]

I know my picture isn't nearly as photogenic as Vanessa's but oh well...The top is very feminine but if paired with black peep-toe booties and skinny jeans the look is turned from chic to rock. I opted to wear a light yellow top as I really don't like how I look in red. This is my favorite of the three looks I was inspired by.

Look #3: for night outs
I love zebra prints with pink accents. Though I'm not really a fan of animal print on clothes I think this one looked really chic. And here is my version...
[dress: Calvin Klein | heels:]
I would definitely wear this out on a dinner party with friends. I love how zebra prints and pink matches so well. By the way, these heels are the most comfortable heels I ever owned and they are proudly pinoy made. :) I added a belt to this look because I look like a box with zebra-print wrapper with the dress alone. 

I really look up to celebrities for fashion inspiration. Which celebrity's style inspires you? :)


  1. love the first one! :)

  2. Very lovely Jenny!! Fabulous Vanessa-inspired outfits. =)

  3. I love your the top you are wearing on the 2nd photo! :)

  4. Love these imitations!! Love the second!

  5. @shirley: I really like it too! :)
    @jemy: thank you so much! <3
    @jes: I got it on a thrift store in cubao :)
    @precious: it is my favorite of the three looks! :)

  6. love the outfits! you look great!

  7. wow the first one really look like Vanessa's exact white dress!

  8. pretty you! love Vanessa too!

  9. love your blog!:) followed you:) btw, i saw your photo wearing your primadonna wedges. Join my giveaway sis you might win!!!:)