Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Shopaholic goes Shopping

What will a shopaholic do than to go shopping? This month and this year has probably the craziest sales I have ever expereinced here in the Philippines. Every store and mall I go to are on their mid-season sale. So, a shopaholic like me went to the bank and withdrew some money, waited patiently for my part-time job to pay me and went straight to the nearest mall currently holding some sale.

I personally love watching haul videos on youtube and haul posts on your respective blogs so I thought I would share my great sale finds this month. Some of the items posted here you might have already seen me wearing but I still posted them because they are a part of my sale purchases.

You all know I love Jellybean so much and this month they went on a 50% off all items sale so here are the things I bought from the store:

The next store I went to is Zara. I personally don't like spending a lot of money on clothes and Zara here in the Philippines can be very expensive. The store is on sale this month so I was able to purchase some clothes without me feeling guilty about purchasing their items.

Then, I went to Accessorize. I really love this store but again, they're too expensive for trendy jewelry. They are on a 50-70% off sale so I got these items for a sweet deal!

S.O. Fab is one store I go to for trendy and edgy shoes. I am so in-love with these booties!

And lastly, although these bangles weren't on sale I still bought them because aside from they're totally cute they're super affordable as well for only 50Php per set!

I really enjoy reading haul posts. It gives me an idea and things to lust for the next month. haha! For now, I am imposing a shopping ban on myself as I feel like I have purchased way too much stuff already. I hope to see your haul posts as well. See you on my next post! :)


  1. Nice stuff!


  2. Great haul! This was a super shopping experience. Love the shoes too, they look so unique. :)

  3. great haul! love the cropped top and the tutu skirt! :D

    much love,

  4. wow! shopping!!! i love shopping and great finds you have there!

  5. ahh the floral shorts are too cute, and the flower necklace is really pretty too xx misstea & co.