Friday, August 26, 2011

Rainy Coral, it's not made from calcium carbonate. It is made from hints of hues red and orange. It gives any rainy day a burst of color. Reminiscent of the months that were when flowers are a bloom and waves are a splashing; the wind is a fresh and the leaves are swaying to it. Coral can well take over the fall and winter. A divination of leaves falling from tree branches and a cooler breeze sweeping the leaves through. Coral translates well into any season and is here to stay.

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[romper: Bangkok | plaid shirt: Old Navy | platforms: Parisian | bangles: random]

I am just super excited to wear these platforms. It's actually my first time to buy at Parisian and I have to say I'm loving the brand now! I can't get over how much I adore these coral platforms. It was love at first sight. <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Black is Sweet

Black - gloomy, dark, sad, vengeance, evil
Pink - sweet, girly, happy, lovable, cute

Black and Pink may be two contrasting colors in terms of dennotations but when combined forms a hue only they can create. A hue with a distinct harmony and melody to put balance in each others life. They dance to the tune only they can fathom and create movements no other family member can seem to grasp. Black and Pink - opposites attract.

[dress: People are People | shoes: | socks: SM department store | bracelets: random]

Have a blessed tuesday! :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too Late for Fringe?

My boyfriend gladly took my outfit post today. I am really happy with how everything turned out. Officially, I have my photographer. No more self-timers! haha! <3

[boater's hat: | fringe vest: thrifted | striped maxi dress: bazaar | espadrille wedges: Primadonna | cuff: Bangkok]

Never mind the dates. haha! I did not took this shots in 2003. Hello 2011? This is my contest entry for Ms. Aisa's Primadonna contest. If you currently own Primadonna shoes, join her contest! As in now na! Contest ends 12 midnight tonight! I joined a few hours still have a few more hours to join! :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Someday, Jenn will go Places

A geographer, I am. Being one I have been exposed to many different cultures, landscapes, terrains, and weather phenomena. And being one I was able to travel many different places. That's when it all passion for traveling and discovering the world. I actually at first intended on doing a travel blog but budget and time constraints hindered me to do one. Maybe someday I will, but for now I will do more fashion posts. I just thought of sharing to you guys the many wonderful places here in the Philippines I would really like to visit. To say that the 7,100 and more islands of the Philippines is beautiful is an understatement as you will see in the pictures below. Not many people around the world are aware of what treasure they can find in this water endowed, archipelago known as the Pearl of the Orient. I, myself have not discovered my country enough to be mesmerized but someday, Jenn will go places.

1. Batanes

pictures are googled. not my own. credits go to the rightful owners of these pictures.

This is my dream destination. But flights are super expensive as only one ariline serves the area and they do it only occasionally. I have always been mystified by this peacful island at the northern part of he country. Always bombarded with typhoon and year round storms, no wonder they use stone houses to make a sturdy refuge. This is at the top of my list and someday, I will set foot on this mystical island.
2. Bohol

pictures are googled. not my own. credits go to the rightful owners of these pictures.
I am such a loser I haven't visited Bohol yet. I definitely want to visit the choloate Hills on both summer and rainy seasons to see the difference. Plus the captivating big-eyed tarsier...who wouldn't love to visit Bohol?
3. Palawan

pictures are googled. not my own. credits go to the rightful owners of these pictures.
Can you see the gigantic stalactites protruding on the first picture? That's one reason why I would really want to visit Palawan - the rock formations. There are two places I would like to visit Puerto Princesa (picture 1 and 2) and Coron (picture 3 and 4). The place has stunning rock formations built throughout the geologic years since its creation. The area is also blessed with crystal clear water and rich biodiversity. 

4. Siquijor

pictures are googled. not my own. credits go to the rightful owners of these pictures.
I have long been mystified by this small island down south. I have always been told by previous house helpers of mythical creatures lurking around the area and that is reason enough for me to want to visit the place. Some people have testified of real creatures the go human-hunting by night but I am very skeptical about such stories being the city girl that I am. When I do visit, pray for my life tho! Hopefully, those stories are not true. 

5. Camiguin

pictures are googled. not my own. credits go to the rightful owners of these pictures.
What may seem like a deserted island in the pictures lies a hidden treasure in the fine, white sand beaches, clear blue waters and captivating hot springs. This small island located south of the Philippines has a hidden gem we have yet to mine.

6. Bellarocca resort in Marinduque
pictures are googled. not my own. credits go to the rightful owners of these pictures.
Known as the Little Santorini of the Philippines, now we don't have to go too far to experience a Meditteranean-like vibe. 

Someday, I will visit all of these places. Someday, Jenn will go places. For now, I am stuck here in Manila studying and working wishing to win the lottery and travel the world. :D

Monday, August 08, 2011

Tough Love

Girls and bikes – a lethal combination. They make a love like no other – magical, tough, yet sweet. Inside every girl’s heart lies a tough chic ready for combat. Don’t mess with the biker chic – you’re sure to get the beating you need.

I hate mondays. Tomorrow, another day in school. I have exams and I feel so darn sick! argh! Have a lovely week ahead! :D

 [ denim vest: DIY thrifted | top: Mango | bodycon skirt: Zara | clogs: Jellybean | sunglasses: Accessorize | head wrap: DIY]

 Can you see the paper clip on my vest? haha! I had to put it because the vest is really wide

 [ leather studded bracelet: Landmark | gold bangles: Cindy Carol]

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Clonk goes my Clogs

Clonk, clonk, clonk says my shoes. No, I am not mad...just trying to grab your attention with the sound of my shoes. No, I ain't stomping my feet...just wanting to let you know of my presence. No, I am not tap dancing...just moving to the beat of my destiny. And no, I am not walking on a runway...just walking down the path of my life.

Had lunch with my best gal pals today and this is what I wore. I'll update pictures of us tomorrow or maybe even some video clips of our videoke gig. Oh, how we love to sing! Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

[boater's hat: | floral dress: Jellybean | clogs: Jellybean | wrap around studded leather bracelet: Landmark | red watch: Swatch]

Thursday, August 04, 2011

School Outfit #1

What a really lame title. Haha! I don't really know what to title this post...can someone help me on this? I am really lame at titling posts. Anyway, I just felt like posting today of what I wore to school. I mostly wear flats and shorts when I am in school because I need to be in my most comfortable for easy mobility around the campus plus, the terrain of my school really won't permit me to wear heels...yes, it's all mud, gravel, stones and a few nicely paved roads in school.

[scarf: from mom | top: Zara | shorts: guess | sneakers: keds | bag: from mom | 
bejeweled leather cuff: Accessorize | Wayfarers: Jellybean]

Happy thursday! :D