Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Black is Sweet

Black - gloomy, dark, sad, vengeance, evil
Pink - sweet, girly, happy, lovable, cute

Black and Pink may be two contrasting colors in terms of dennotations but when combined forms a hue only they can create. A hue with a distinct harmony and melody to put balance in each others life. They dance to the tune only they can fathom and create movements no other family member can seem to grasp. Black and Pink - opposites attract.

[dress: People are People | shoes: sintashoes.multiply.com | socks: SM department store | bracelets: random]

Have a blessed tuesday! :D


  1. i like the shoes! sorry i couldnt follow earlier, the followers section has just been disappearing recently =/ but im following now! Nice post xoxo

  2. lovely outfit (:
    you look gorgeous!

  3. the shoes are wicked! love it!

    much love,

  4. Love your outfit and your dress. :)
    Followed you. Follow back?

  5. aww cute! the black lace gives a bit of an edge to your feminine outfit :) xx misstea & co.

  6. the shoes and socks are such a cute combo, great look!
    also your makeup is lovely; you look like a doll, great look :)

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  7. @sarai: thank you dear. :)
    @sophie: Thank you so much :)
    @gellie: yes they are indeed wicked. :D
    @ maria: thank you. i followed you already. :)
    @miss.tea: thank you very much!
    @annie: thank you! I don't look like a doll without makeup. :(