Friday, September 30, 2011

From Scarf to Turban

It's been a while since I blogged about anything. I got caught up with client requests for feather earrings, work and school. So here is my last post for the month!

I love turbans but sadly I can't find one that has cute prints on it and with some quirky embellishments as well. Most turbans I see are simple, plain wraps but what I want is a full blown one that has a cute print. I saw this video tutorial from thefashioncitizen on youtube a few weeks ago and thank God I have a really cute printed scarf to turn into a full blown turban. All you need is a square shaped scarf of your choice and follow the steps below. :D

Step #1. Fold the scarf into half and form a triangle

Step #2. Place it over your head with the tip of the triangle facing where your face is as shown below

Step #3. Pull the ends together in the middle and twist it once

Step #4. Twist it twice

Step #5. Pull the ends to the back of your head and tie the ends into a knot twice to secure

Step #6. Tuck in all loose ends inside

Step #7. Tuck inside the ends in front

Step #8. Do a few adjustments for better fit and you now have your full blown turban using your scarf!

I like adding a bit of jazz to my turban so i pinned this silver brooch in front.

And for the entire outfit...

[scarf: thrifted | top: from mom | maxi dress used as skirt: Freeway | wedges: Jellybean | turquoise ring: bazaar | belt: Jellybean | brooch: from mom]
Happy weekend everyone! :D


  1. This is such a cool tutorial! And it looks great. I wish I had a pretty scarf to try it out with, too. :(

  2. nice tutorial! tried it right away! hehe! :)

  3. great post, i'll try it asap :D

  4. Love this tutorial!!Great post!!Kisses!!

  5. It looks so nice on you! great tutorial, indeed!! :)

  6. This is super easy, you look great! I love how you added the brooch to it.


  7. Cool post!

  8. Thanks for this. It's so cute!