Thursday, September 08, 2011

Giveaways of the month!

I am not a very lucky girl when it comes to joining giveaways. I don't always win but I had some fair share of luck before. And this time I really hope I do win one of these lovely giveaways from lovely bloggers.

1.) H&M leather bands from Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen
 Gorgeous bands indeed! very trendy and chic! 

2.) Pirouette clothing from Drowning Equilibriums
very lovely, girly, chic clothes await those who will win.

3.) Beauty Products from Cominica
must have beauty items for every girl.

4.) A-B-C-D-E from Wonder Woman Rises
Curious about what ABCDE means? visit her blog and you'll be surprised at how many prizes she is giving away to 5 lucky followers of hers. ABCDE means.....SURPRISE! :D
I really do hope luck is on my side now as I really would love to win any of these (or both!) :D I placed a link on my side bar if you are interested in joining. Click on the pictures and it will take you directly to the giveaway post. Happy joining everyone! :D

1 comment :

  1. good luck! :D
    if you're interested, please join my mini giveaway too <3