Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mixing and Matching

It used to be a fashion no-no to mix gold and silver pieces together. But that fashion rule has continuously been broken by many and this fall, it is actually one of the many trends people are daring to wear. I am very skeptical about mixing gold and silver together as I am not used to seeing so many metals together. SO for beginner mixers like I, here are some tips for you to gradually start incorporating the two without going crazy. :)

Tip #1: If you like wearing a watch, match the metal of your watch with the metal you wuld like to wear. If your watch has gold metal details to it wear gold accessories on the same hand like gold bracelets perhaps or rings.

Tip #2: Keep all metals in near proximity in the same color. This way you can mix silver and gold in a more subtle way. One arm silver, on the other gold.
 [connector ring: gifted | leather bracelet: Landmark]
[silver butterfly bracelet: Bangkok | silver dragon bracelet: gifted]

Tip #3: If you are not daring enough yet, keep as far away from each other your golds and silver. If you want to wear gold earrings wear a silver bracelet instead of a silver necklace as your wrist is located farther than your neck.
[feather earrings: pinklemonadestore.multiply.com]

If you are like me who is not that daring enough yet to mix metals and is still experimenting, these  tips are the start to incorporating metals together. Hope these tips helped all of you start mixing and matching. :)

[top: from my aunt | belt: thrifted | skirt: bangkok | booties: S.O. Fab!]


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