Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Opening a New Chapter of my Life

So, I finally decided not to study again. Don't get me wrong, I already graduated college last year but earlier this year I opted to go back to school to see if I can handle the pressures of being a doctor. Turns out it wasn't for me. I got so bored. Now, my dad and I are venturing into the business world and soon we'll be opening our very own restaurant. Hope everything goes as planned! :) This is just an outfit post I wore today when I was looking for a commercial space for rent/lease. If you know any here in Quezon City please do let me know by emailing me at berryjennybean@yahoo.com or you can comment below. :D

[boater's hat: peachesontop.multiply.com | top: from mom | skirt: forever 21 | maryjanes: Just G | bag: Kenneth Cole | watch: Swatch| turquoise ring: bazaar]

I really adore wearing skirts, dresses and shorts. I have very few jeans in my closet as I only wear them when the weather gets really cold or when the situation calls for it. I commute most of the time so wearing really short skirts and dresses can be a problem. I always make sure I wear pantylet/lower undergarment so it doesn't get too awkward to sit and go up stairs. Also, I make sure the length hits just the middle of my thighs and nothing shorter than that. I find that length to be short enough yet appropriate for commuting. 

Wear you skirt with confidence and happy commuting! :)


  1. so cute! perfect for a picnic.:)

  2. I love the whole outfit, especially the hat, you look lovely :) such a great blog following x


  3. @maureen: thank you dear! I miss your outfit posts. :)
    @campervansandcake: thank you very much dear. :)

  4. Great outfit. Love your skirt =)