Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopaholic goes Shopping...Again!

So it's the SM Megamall 3-day sale this weekend and I can't pass up the opportunity to not go shopping. I am a student and I work on a budget so I rarely go shopping on regular days. I didn't get myself much as I feel I have so many clothes I haven't worn yet. These are just some of the things I've always wanted to get for myself so yesterday, I just went there and thank God these things were still in store. :)

Store #1: Forever 21

Not everything was on sale there and most of the items are way out of my budget but I managed to snag these three items. The skirt was not on sale but I still bought it because it's not really that expensive and I fell in-love with the feather print plus the pockets. Soooo cute!

Store #2: Jellybean

I can't get over the sheer trend! I just love this trend and I don't think I will be over this for months more. I am on my sheer and coral phase right now and I can't seem to get over it. :)
Obviously, I can never pass up the chance to buy clothes from Jellybean. My closet is literally full of clothes from them. They have the cutest clothes ever! :)

Store #3: Watson's
I need to get a new mascara and eye liner. It's weird for me not shopping for makeup at Etude House. I've never really bought anything from Maybelline before aside from their BB cream which I used to love. But my friend suggested the Lasting Drama Gel Liner and the Hyper Curl Mascara so I decided to try them out. Both are waterproof so you can expect no smudging especially on hot, humid days here in the Philippines. Plus both are on sale for 359Php each from 449Php, I had to get both! :)

Total for everything I bought is less than 3,500Php. Not bad for all the items I managed to get. :)

Tips when shopping on sale:
1.) work with a budget. This way you won't go crazy buying every stuff that are on sale and stretching your credit card to the limit. Don't be like Rebecca Bloomwood and cause yourself some major debt. I suggest bringing cash instead of your credit card to avoid over spending. Bring enough money that will allow you to buy the things that you want but also need.
2.) Don't buy things just because they are on sale. Sometimes people get crazy over sales and buy too many stuff that they end up not using anyway. Make a list of all the things that you need to get and a separate list of what you want to get. Shop first for the things you need and if you still have spare money go get things that you want. This way you don't end up buying stuff that will end up in your discard pile thinking you wasted your money.
3.) Shop with your mom. Mom's always hinder you from buying too many things. They will always be there to stop you from spending way too much money on one item and can sometimes even help you find things that are more worthy of buying. Also, if you need second opinion on things they will always gladly say their most honest opinion.

Hope you had a blessed weekend and start shopping wisely! :)


  1. i love all the stuff you got, plus your shopping tip #3 is i think the biggest money-saver! hahaha!

    xoxo Rose ^__^

  2. @rose: yes! super money-saver! our moms will always help us save money. :)

  3. love the skirt, and what will you be using underneath those sheer tops? :)

    wild and fierce

    don't miss my smexy giveaway! it's my first time :)

    model's own lipstick giveaway :)

  4. love the white sheer top :) i'm currently digging white and pastel colors naman.. and that dress from the first photo made me miss the beach!

  5. haha, yes, bring MOM! i hat shopping with my mom...i'm always intimidated by her and tend to not want to buy anything! she just has to give me the "look"!

    love the skit and pink blouse...very pretty!


  6. @eji: I will wear a bandeau top or a tube top inside. I commute so I can't expose my bra! :) and congrats on your giveaway! I will join very soon. :)
    @jam: that's why I bought that dress! I love the beach but sadly I never tan. :(
    @kath: i really love them too!
    @oomph: haha! that's why I love shopping with my mom THAT look is what will prevent you from overspending. :)

  7. you've got quite a nice haul here. :) and thanks for the tips! :D