Tuesday, November 29, 2011

School Outfit #2

Wore this to school one day. I only had one class per day last semester because both were five units each and takes up 4 1/2 hours in a day. I know it's not too much of a load like in other universities but in mine, 10 units with laboratory everyday can already be toxic. We have lots of homework, papers, reports and projects you know. haha! 

 [ top and shorts: Jellybean | shoes: Melissa | Watch: Anne Klein | Silver bracelet: Bangkok and from mom]

I think it was Biology 11 my class that day. I hated that subject and I never want to take any biology or any science-related subject my entire life! haha! 

I don't normally wear heels to school because I find it bothersome and risky to walk in such uneven terrain with your feet tilted. Dressing up for my school can be hard at times but sometimes, for the sake of fashion, you gotta sacrifice. I know, it's a bad advice really but sometimes you just want to feel fashionable even in school. You only get to enjoy school and college for a short period of time so why not make the most out of it? I am glad though that even if the terrain in my school is so hard to walk in with heels, we don't have a dress code so I was free to wear whatever I please. :D

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D

Friday, November 25, 2011

In the Zone

My titles are always so lame. Anyhow, I watched breaking dawn yesterday and I have to say that I liked it. I'm not in-love with it though because some acting are still not for the Oscar's. I haven't finished reading all the books yet so I really can't compare but this is by far the movie out of all the four in this sequel that impressed me the most.

I am not a huge movie watcher so I am kinda confused as to what I should wear. It was hot outside but the movie theater was too cold! And because I was already running out of time to think of what to wear, this is how I ended up looking.

[ sheer top: thrifted | shorts: Guess | socks: SM Dept. Store | heels: Trunkshow | bag: Nine West ]

This is how I always end up looking when I am running errands or I just don't know what to wear. Something oversized, shorts and whatever shoes I can grab. This is my comfort zone in terms of clothing. This shorts are my most bugbog shorts. I've been living in them ever since my second year of college which was....years ago!

I was actually skeptical as well if I should post this. I don't find it blog worthy. What do you guys think? But I felt like posting something...anything really. haha! Happy weekend everyone! :D

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Timeless Thread of Friendship

I net up with my best friends couple of weeks ago, before classes started again. I'm not in school anymore but one of my best friends is in Law School. It was a chilly day and you probably know me by now, I hate wearing jeans and I refuse to wear jeans! So, this is what I ended up wearing.

[sweater: thrifted | skirt: Zara | clogs: Jellybean | bag: Nine west] 

[watch: Anne Klein | bangles: bazaar | ring: bazaar]

I super love these two so so so very much! Words cannot describe how much I love them. We have spent and shared so much issues, struggles and challenges together especially our last year in college ( we were all irregular students so, it was not our senior year actually, haha!). Plus, we spent more than a month together isolated in the most rural place in Banaue, why wouldn't we become super close? :D

I have learned the value of friends only when I reached college. I had friends when I was in elementary and high school but true friends came late for me. I was just happy to be with people before but nobody truly knew who I was and how I feel. These two understand me truly and care about how I am. We don't agree with each other the whole time but that's what friends are for,  right? They will point out your mistakes because they want nothing but for you to become a better person. I love them both so much! <3

Okay, enough with the cheesiness. haha! Hope you all have a great week! :D
Yes, I am addicted to cold desserts! I can't say Ice Cream because I am also super in-love with Yogurt and my new discovery, Gelato. Gelatissimo is delicioso! :D

Friday, November 18, 2011

1,2,3...Pre-Holiday Giveaway!

Okay, it's almost not pre-holiday anymore as December is drawing near (only 1 more week to go and hello, officially, holiday). I was supposed to do this mini giveaway when I reached 50 followers but hey, I'm broke so I had to postpone it to today. So here it is, my very first giveaway! Sadly, I will only open this mini giveaway to Philippine residents 'cause my wallet is almost out of breath. But don't worry, I am thinking of a post-holiday giveaway that hopefully I can open internationally. So without further ado, here is my very first giveaway!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

A million Underwear

Yes, this post will be all about underwear. But not the ordinary ones you can easily find at department stores and retail stores. These underwear are made specifically for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. Underwear clad in expensive jewels that weighs way more than you, who doesn't dream of owning one? Victoria's Secret has consistently mesmerized the public with all the sparkle, the glamour, the glitz, and their super sexy and beautiful angels with their annual fashion show. Every year they always have different themes of underwear to showcase and they never fail to make everyone's jaw drop. When I become rich I will have Victoria's Secret make me an underwear (maybe I could use it in my honeymoon?). Anyway, here are some photos (my favorites of course!) from the November 9,2011 fashion show held at New York City.

My favorite angel of all time...Miranda Kerr carrying the cheapest (most expensive) underwear
 all photos taken from yahoo.com

Can you guess how much her bra alone costs? If you calculate the 142 carats of diamonds plus all the other 3,000+ gems including pearls, citrine and aqua marine...$2.5 million lang naman...so cheap no? haha!

Which angel is your favorite? Happy weekend everyone! :)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

In Fashion Wonderland

I have always adored very whimsical and flamboyant couture dresses. No one does it best than John Galliano. He has been my favorite couturier ever since I laid eyes on his creations. No one can compare to the witty twist he gives to his designs. His runway shows take you on a ride back to the era of girly-girl dressing and breathtakingly sweet clothes. I dream of one day being able to wear one of his creations. He knows how to make everything sweet and so like 50's yet modern and edgy at the same time. I just love his ideas! Here are some of my favorites from his Spring 2012 collection.

[all pictures taken from vogue.com]

Sorry for the picture overload. There's just so many beautiful creations! I love the finale dress. It speaks everything about who John Galliano as a designer is all about - full of whimsy and edge. 

Happy weekend everyone!