Friday, November 25, 2011

In the Zone

My titles are always so lame. Anyhow, I watched breaking dawn yesterday and I have to say that I liked it. I'm not in-love with it though because some acting are still not for the Oscar's. I haven't finished reading all the books yet so I really can't compare but this is by far the movie out of all the four in this sequel that impressed me the most.

I am not a huge movie watcher so I am kinda confused as to what I should wear. It was hot outside but the movie theater was too cold! And because I was already running out of time to think of what to wear, this is how I ended up looking.

[ sheer top: thrifted | shorts: Guess | socks: SM Dept. Store | heels: Trunkshow | bag: Nine West ]

This is how I always end up looking when I am running errands or I just don't know what to wear. Something oversized, shorts and whatever shoes I can grab. This is my comfort zone in terms of clothing. This shorts are my most bugbog shorts. I've been living in them ever since my second year of college which was....years ago!

I was actually skeptical as well if I should post this. I don't find it blog worthy. What do you guys think? But I felt like posting something...anything really. haha! Happy weekend everyone! :D

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  1. lovely outfit dear! you are so flawless!:)

  2. That's a cute perfect for everyday look. Definitely worth posting :)

  3. @maureen: haha! that's why I love my camera so much. It hides my birthmark and acne scars. :P
    @gellie: thank you dear. haha! this is how I look everyday
    @nix: tnx dear! :D

  4. love the whole outfit!!!:) thank you po at finollow nyo po least may isa nakong follower hehe..