Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas/Brother's Birthday

It was my brother's 18th birthday last saturday. Yes, he was born on Christmas eve. Many people think it's both a curse and a gift. A curse since you only get to receive one gift. A gift simply because it's Christmas. For my brother it is the former.

This is what I wore that day. The holidays is that time of the year you can dress up festively and bring out all the hidden sparkles and sequins in your closet. I do like clothes with heavy embellishments but I find it inconvenient to wear because I always scrape my arms in sequins. So, what better way to wear glitters other than on your clothes than your shoes? I've been eyeing glitter pumps ever since I saw one of my favorite bloggers, Kryz Uy, wear them. But I don't want to spend too much money on it since I know it is a trend that might fade sooner than I can wear them again. Thanks to Jellybean, I found the "it" shoes of the season without having to spend 3,000 pesos on a pair (the Michael Antonio ones Kryz has).

[lace top: Kate Torralba for Paperdolls | bodycon skirt: Landmark | glitter pumps: Jellybean] 

My girl cousins.  

 My grandmother on my mother's side.

My family with my uncle (the one with the blue shirt)

Some photos taken by my aunt and my mom.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas eve! :D


  1. Pretty pretty shoes!
    I want those! Haha *u*

    Belated happy birthday to your brother ;)

  2. That top and those heels ROCK! :)


  3. I agree, the top and the shoes = amazing! How much were the shoes? I really want a pair... I wonder if it's available in silver and black?

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  4. @mica: Thank you dear! They are still available at Jellybean! Go get one na! :D
    @angel: thank you very much! :D
    @chriselle: they're only P1,299. They also have a black one. I saw a silver one at Payless but they're a bit more expensive than Jellybean's. :)