Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dear Santa: My Christmas Wishlist

Dear Santa,

I tried really, really hard to be a good girl this year. Please grant me any of these things and I would be forever grateful to you.

1.) Shu Uemura Tulle Lace False eyelashes
You have no idea how much I've been lusting over this false lashes for years now! I went through a phase when I would wear false eyelashes everyday all day long in school. I just love, love, love false lashes! Unfortunately, I can only afford department store brands. Shu Uemura cost thousands here in the Philippines and department store lashes costs about 50Php the cheapest. See the huge difference?

I will be renovating my room really, really soon and I want a new lamp. Specifically, this lamp/chandelier to accentuate the theme that I am going to do for my room. I can't wait to have a pink damask lamp in my room! I will use it all night to get the most out f it! hahaha! No, I won't do that...sayang kuryente. :D

This I want to get from my boyfriend. I want a white gold ring with black diamond stone in the middle. But I have to wait 5 more years before he gives me such...yeah, my engagement ring I suppose. 

I know, some of you may think that I am such a loser. Okay, maybe I really am a loser. I feel like the satchel craze will soon be over but I still want it! I want a pink satchel bag and yes, I don't own any satchel bags until now. It's the it-bag this year and I am so not in! 

Oh my...I want Taylor Lautner this Christmas. Just look at those perfectly chiseled abs. Who can resist? Plus the wet look...oh no I am committing a sin right now. 

All pictures were googled. Each belongs to their rightful owner. 

I want any of these this Christmas, Santa. Hope you give me any of these. Thank you! :D

So, what's your Christmas wishlist? Are you excited for the holidays? I am! And I can't wait for all the parties and gatherings in store this holiday season! :D


  1. hahahah taylor for xmas.. hahahaa so funny

  2. definitely miu miu is a one gorgeous bag to get this Christmas :)

  3. hi...its me sweetkimmy remember?
    i have already created my blog...
    check it out...