Sunday, December 04, 2011

DIY: From jeans to shorts

You all know I barely wear jeans. I do own some pairs though for when I need them but I don't usually wear them. So as to not waste my old jeans I like to cut them and turn them into shorts. Here is how I make my ripped shorts out of my old jeans.

Things you'll need:
  • old jeans
  • your favorite pair of shorts (as reference only)
  • scissors
  • marker
  • cheese grater

Step 1.) Lay your jeans flat on your work surface.
  Step 2.) Lay on top of your jeans the shorts you want to use as your reference for length.
 Step 3.) Put a mark on your jeans on where you want to start cutting. This will be the length of your shorts.
 Step 4.) Put a mark on both legs of the pants.
 Step 5.) Start cutting.
 Step 6.) Place the ends of your newly cut pants against the cheese grater and start grating for that shredded, ripped look.
 Step 7.) This is optional. I cut a few more rips on the leg of the shorts for a more distressed look and placed the rips against the cheese grater as well.
 And there you have it! Your ripped shorts. :D

I like turning old jeans into shorts as it allows me to save money and buy other stuff that my closet needs more than another pair of shorts. This allows me to recycle as well. If you have old jeans that you barely use anymore but still fit you, why not turn them into shorts and give it a more up-to-date look. 

I've had this pair of jeans since 2nd year high school. I know it's almost a decade ago already but look how perfectly it still fits. Either I never grew and still have my 2nd year high school body or my jeans became loose after frequent wear from before. I don't really know. 

Happy Sunday everyone! :D


  1. I've done this one too with my jeans!really saves a lot of money.hehe

    You can visit my blog here if you have time. I always love to meet fellow filipino bloggers. thanks.

    followed you btw.

  2. that's very creative.. i'm not so creative >_< i wish i was creative.. oh well.

    nice post by the way

  3. great DIY! one way of saving money! =)

    can we follow each others' blogs???

  4. hmmm. a very creative one...i like that....

  5. always a tried and tested DIY:) also would help to grate the edges to give it a worn in look. good job:)