Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am no Cosplayer

I met up with some of my closest friends last Saturday for for our annual Christmas Party. One of my friends always tell me I look like a cosplayer. I really have no idea why she says I look like one when my outfit is not even half of how complicated cosplayer costumes are. In my opinion I look normal. Well, what do you think? Do I really look like one? haha!

[top: jellybean | shorts: bazaar | stay ups: SM department store | clogs: Jellybean] 

We ate at Flying Pig in Eastwood Mall and their bagnet is delicious! I love the crispy skin and the juicy fat! So...sinful!!!! They have really big servings as well. I ate this alone but it can actually be shared by 2 people.

 Haha! I can't believe my friend shot this. I was counting my money here. That's how I love money. Even if I am with my friends I cannot not think about money! My face literally looks like in!

My Christmas picture! The set is actually really nice for a family portrait and turn it into a Christmas card. My family used to have our picture taken during Christmas and have them printed as Christmas cards to give to relatives. We don't that anymore though.

Hope you enjoy your Christmas everyone! It's already the 23rd tomorrow. I can't wait for the 24th! :)
Happy Thursday everyone. 


  1. Your friend probably thought so because of the stay-ups. =) Not sure though. Hehe..

    Btw, I love your top. =)

  2. Love the outfit! The high socks look great on you.:)

  3. @aizel: hahaha! I think that was it. But I like wearing the stay-ups though. :D
    @maureen: thank you dear! Lapit na birthday mo! :D

  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!! You are so cute and I don't think you look exactly like a cosplayer, maybe your friend says that to mean you look cute, anyway =)) Follow each other if you want to !

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  5. That's a really cute outfit! Happy Holidays!

    Cute blog :) Kisses! xxx