Thursday, December 08, 2011

Style Inspiration: Japanese Fashion

I have always adored Japanese fashion ever since I can remember. I always look up to them for style inspiration because I always find them very unique and individual. Although I wouldn't really dress up the same way as most of them do in Japan because it's super hot here and I will get tons of "what the hell is she wearing" stares. I'm not really the type who cares about people's stares when I dress up but I do care about the random people who would whisper things in my ear! I don't like it when they do that and I find it disrespectful. I commute so I get that often when I feel like dressing up. That's the reason why I somehow feel limited with the clothes that I can wear (hello my trusty oversized tops and shorts). We are a super conservative country that people who do dress up and commute get all kinds of comments and stares in the world. I love Japanese fashion but sadly I can only wear them from time to time (e.g events, when my dad can give me a ride or when I have the money to ride a cab instead of the jeepney). But I love looking at them and drawing inspiration from them for when I can strut such style.

All pictures were taken from is one of my favorite Japanese street fashion websites updated weekly on real people and what they really wear. Thanks God for google chrome because it has a translator (the site is originally written in Japanese characters). The last picture is my favorite as of the moment. It makes me wish we have really cold winter days here in the Philippines as well. Some of the pictures though are commute-appropriate and society conforming so I can get away with wearing such even if I commute. 

What's your style inspiration? Happy Thursday! :)


  1. thank you so much, jenn! i followed you back on GFC, too:) btw-- i love style arena! it was one of the very first sites i always visited before i started blogging.

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  2. I love Japanese fashion.. Will try pulling off some of these looks sometime. Thanks for the inspiring photos. :)

  3. I also get inspiration from Japanese fashion, and thanks for introducing me to style arena, i think I'll be checking them out frequently now.haha

    thanks for following back btw :D

  4. what a coincidence naman i'm going to wear an outfit to a wedding very similar to the 7th floor.

  5. me too! i have tons of japanese magazine and i look at them from time to time for inspiration.

  6. aw I really like the first outfit- it's so dreamy and romantic xx misstea & co.

  7. i love Japanese fashion because its eccentricity stands out but that same reason makes most of Filipino eyebrows meet and whispers about.

    I'm a commuter myself and a lover of eccentricity so I'm a victim of it but I don't mind. They get what they see from me! =)


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