Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wobbly and Careless

I absolutely loathe these pair of shoes now. I liked it before because of the design but wearing it around the mall last week...gaahhh! I can only say bad things about these shoes. No doubt I like the design. It's coral, it's wedges, it's high but they are super unstable! I twisted my ankle like 7 times! I never fell flat on the floor even once but I almost did. wa poise!  But I didn't really care about the people who saw me twist my ankles. haha! They're not available in stores anymore I believe so I can't warn other people to not buy it anymore. But if you still see these around, think twice before you do buy them. But I am giving these pair a second chance. Maybe my ankles were just not in a good condition that day and simply because I really like the style. I can walk in heels by the way so I don't think it is my walk that is the problem. I never twisted my ankles 7 times in any of my other heels.

[top: from mom | shorts: thrifted | shoes: Parisian]

[silver necklace with pink jade: gifted | charm watch: Anne Klein | silver ring: from mom]

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D


  1. i love your shorts and shoes.

    ♥ Maria

  2. Your shoes are nice, hope your experience to it will be ok the second time around. :)

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  3. Love the flannel plaid shirt girl xx