Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bipolar Moment: Love or Hate

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago. My mom gave me this dress because it wouldn't fit her and I am the only size in this household who could wear such a small size. I initially wanted the dress and I thought it was love at first sight. Aside from the fact that it's white, I also love the crochet top of the dress.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Everday is Christmas Day

Sorry for the lack of posts lately and for not replying to your comments. I've been caught up with so many things since the start of this year. I am not complaining, okay. I am really happy that I get to do a lot of things everyday. Some I enjoy, some I am just forced but nonetheless, I am enjoying my current state. This really is my year! Welcome, year of the Dragon! Albeit bad forecasts and Feng Shui, I am having a great start!

This was taken Christmas Day. Yep! More than a month ago. I've been really busy that there are some outfit posts taken some time ago that I haven't posted on my different accounts yet.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Shopping

I know this is such a super late post but I still wanted to share with you guys what I wore when my best friend asked me to accompany her do some Christmas shopping. We went to the nearest mall to our places, Trinoma, and it was super packed with busy people doing their own Christmas shopping. Many people prefer to shop beforehand but I personally like to go Christmas shopping during the season itself. I want to take advantage of all the promos and sales going on. I don't like too many people though so I usually make it a point to go on malls during their opening.

Disclaimer: This is a super comfortable outfit so don't expect anything too fancy. :D

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Kid Inside

I just love the holidays! Who doesn't, really? I love the Christmas cool breeze, the cheerful streets, the glistening lights and most of all the many bonding and binding activities to attend to. Even if I'm way over my teenage years I can't help but gush and be excited during the holidays. I always want it to be longer and wish it would last all year round. I just love, love, love the holiday season, don't you? :)

This is what I wore during a dinner with my fieldmates. The last time I bonded with these people was way back in 2009. We lived together for 3 weeks. We went through a lot during our stay in Banaue and experienced more than 40 landslides in 3 weeks. Yes, you read that right as in 40! Saying stranded is an understatement. I love these people so much! I wish the next time we do get together all of my fieldmates could come. Ah, so much nostalgia going I feel really old. -_-