Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Eve Shopping

I know this is such a super late post but I still wanted to share with you guys what I wore when my best friend asked me to accompany her do some Christmas shopping. We went to the nearest mall to our places, Trinoma, and it was super packed with busy people doing their own Christmas shopping. Many people prefer to shop beforehand but I personally like to go Christmas shopping during the season itself. I want to take advantage of all the promos and sales going on. I don't like too many people though so I usually make it a point to go on malls during their opening.

Disclaimer: This is a super comfortable outfit so don't expect anything too fancy. :D

When doing Christmas shopping I always like to bring a list with me and just enough money to prevent myself from buying too much stuff that I don't really need. It helps because you can get caught in the moment with too many sales going on. Also, dress comfortably as you will be walking for hours plus all the things you shopped for can be very heavy so wearing a comfortable outfit is a must.

Not really sure if this is even worthy of an outfit shot but I still wanted to share. This is how I generally look like when I have errands. I don't always dress up too fancy. :D

Happy Tuesday everyone! :D


  1. Such a great post ^^ Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, mind to follow each other? :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. happy new year jenn! I loved reading your blog this year, can't wait to see more spunky outfits from you in 2012 :D

  3. I love your outfit here, simple and pretty! :)

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  4. These photos are gorgeous! Really nice post, I like it!

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  5. Great photos, love your bag ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  6. bohemian !! love it ! :)

  7. Your cardigan looks lovely :)


  8. I think the headband is my favourite part! You look adorable in 'casual' (seriously, you should see my casual...it's not pretty)

    Also, totally unrelated but I read your about page and this:
    "I dream and wish for a lot of things, but this is the happiest I have ever been"
    has made my day. It's a lovely line to live by; dream big but be happy in the moment too!

    Happy belated new year jenn :)

    I dream and wish for a lot of things, but this is the happiest I have ever been

  9. cute shorts!

    great strategy of bringing only enough cash for your gifts.... smart!


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