Monday, January 02, 2012

The Kid Inside

I just love the holidays! Who doesn't, really? I love the Christmas cool breeze, the cheerful streets, the glistening lights and most of all the many bonding and binding activities to attend to. Even if I'm way over my teenage years I can't help but gush and be excited during the holidays. I always want it to be longer and wish it would last all year round. I just love, love, love the holiday season, don't you? :)

This is what I wore during a dinner with my fieldmates. The last time I bonded with these people was way back in 2009. We lived together for 3 weeks. We went through a lot during our stay in Banaue and experienced more than 40 landslides in 3 weeks. Yes, you read that right as in 40! Saying stranded is an understatement. I love these people so much! I wish the next time we do get together all of my fieldmates could come. Ah, so much nostalgia going I feel really old. -_-

[beanie: from Bagiuo | top: SM dept. store | jeans: Jag | oxfords: Payless | bag: from mom]
[watch: Swatch | studded bracelet: Landmark] 

photos courtesy of Ryan Tagle

I was actually super scared and paranoid to go out that day. I read this news shared on Facebook about people spraying some chemical on you that will make you sleepy and when you wake up you'll just notice that you have lost some internal organs already. I am super praning when it comes to news like this and the person who shared it was a friend of my high school classmate  plus he encountered a similar experience so I have reasons to believe the story is legit. Such a crazy world, isn't it? The cruelty that people are willing to do just to earn money. I advice each and everyone of you to take extra precaution when you are going out of your house. Always pray and be careful. 

Happy New Year everyone! Hope to share more blessings and friendship with all of you this 2012.
Thank you for the people who were with me through 2011. I really appreciate all of you and hope that you stay with me through this year as well. Cheers to more blessings and a happier 2012 for all of us! <3


  1. Happy New Year!! And oh, you're a kpop fan as well? <3 Yay! Haha, thanks for visiting my blog! Have a nice day~

  2. love your top. you look so cute :)

  3. Nakakapraning nga naman! I love your outfit. Happy new year! :)

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  4. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, i really like your blog it's very pretty here and i found here interesting posts :))

    I wish you too Happy New Year wit lot of healt, love and luck <3 ^^

    oh and i like your otfit here, it's lovely :)) looks like you had great time, thats great :)
    about those crazy people, i am always scared going out at ight , but thank god for boys, they always take care about us and go home with us :))

  5. cute outfit and happy new year!
    Love Lois xxx

  6. love your pix along the LRT/MRT. nakakarelate ako.. a perfect outfit for a perfect train!

  7. happy new year to youu !!!!!!
    thanks for the lovely comment.
    your blog is cute. with all that pretty flowers ♥
    hope we can be friend :)) , followed back already .