Friday, February 10, 2012

How To: Packing Light for a Road Trip

My family and I will be going on a weekend road trip to Baguio for a quick vacation. I am really excited to go back there 'coz it's been ages since I went there. I have a lot of memories in that place, good and bad, so I am really ecstatic when my mom told we would spend the weekend there. Yehey! :D

Packing light was never really my thing way back in College. Y'all probably know by now that I took up Geography and we frequently go out of town and do excursions. I used to carry a ton of things with me because I always like to be prepared. I pack a ton of clothes, undergarments, extra stuff that I always end up with a big wheeled bag even if it's just an overnight trip. Yes, it was a hassle because my luggage would always be too heavy for me to carry but it made feel fulfilled and satisfied knowing that I am prepared no matter what happens. But then, it is always such a waste of my clothes, space in my bag, and being too heavy is a waste of energy I could use for important tasks. Waste of clothes because they will end up mixing with my used ones so I always have to wash all clothes even if I didn't wear them. Waste of space because it could have been used for pasalubong items instead. So over the past years that we've been going on road trips I have learned quite a few things on how I can start packing lighter and maximize the space of my luggage. 

Tip #1: Itinerary, is it.

Knowing your itinerary and daily activities allows you to carry just the kind of clothes you will need. If you are going mostly on day trips, just bring clothes you can use for day trips and don't bring a fancy dress anymore. But if you are going on a night out replace some of your day clothes that you probably won't need to give space for a fancy dress and shoes.
1. blue blazer from SM dept. store; 2. floral top from the Landmark; 3. racerback from F&H; 4. jeans from Jag; 5. ripped shorts, DIY; 6. sleepwear; 7. scarf, gifted by my sister from Thailand
Since we will be on day tours around the city, these are the only clothing items I will bring with me. It should probably even be lesser since it's just an overnight trip. I will still edit out some pieces later. 

Tip #2: Keep on Rollin'

 Start folding your clothes in such manner shown above to prevent it from wrinkling too much. Once you have folded all your clothes like so, start rolling them like pictured below.
Do this for all of your clothes including your jeans. This will help you maximize the space inside your luggage and prevent your clothes from further wrinkling.

Tip #3: Little things matter
L-R: Etude House Missing U lotion in Peach, The Face Shop Dewy Flower Fresh Emulsion, Eskinol Toner, The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Whitening Serum, Etude House Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum, Pantene Conditioner, Head and Shoulders shampoo, gifted soap
Remember how you get little bottles from freebies and samples of products from different stores? Don't throw them away when you finish all the products inside. You can wash them thoroughly with soap and warm water and use them to refill with your beauty products such as serums, emulsions, lotions and toners. I got mine from the Mini Size U Pore Smoother Serum. I saved them for traveling purposes. I refilled each with the products that I use daily so I won't have to bring the full-size bottles. Using little bottles allows you to save on space plus, since they are made of plastic, I won't have to worry about the packaging cracking, breaking and spilling my products all over my luggage.

With the shampoo and conditioner, I also suggest refilling small plastic bottles instead of the sachet ones. Although sachets will take up lesser space in your luggage, the small plastic bottles will produce less garbage because you can keep on recycling them and refilling them whenever needed. Also, the problem with sachet is that when you don't fully consume the product inside it can get very messy to put it inside your bag again. Using small bottles are more practical and cleaner way of storing your beauty products.

Tip #4: Back to Basics

1. Etude House Dream Pact in 01, 2. Baby Skin Base in green, 3. Peach Cheek Blusher in #4 Smile Peach, 4. Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner, 5. The Face Shop Freshian Volume Mascara, 6. Etude House Dear Darling Tint 03, 7. Drawing Eyebrow 03, 8. Maybelline Mineral BB Cream, 9. Elf Eyeshadow Quad in Butternut, 10. The Face Shop Eyelash Curler
When it comes to makeup, I only bring the basics. The small eyeshadow quad can already take you from day to night. Use the light shade, an eyeliner and mascara during the day then smoke it out during the night, Versatile eyeshadow quads are the easiest way to keep you fab throughout your entire trip. I'm not a heavy lipstick user but I love lip tints since they last longer on your lips plus, they don't stain my teeth. I also love the fact that the blush contains a sponge inside and the powder has a puff inside as well, so I won't have to bring makeup brushes with me anymore. I can use my fingers in applying the eyeshadow and bb cream and I am all set. 

Tip #5: The little pouches

Storing your other essential items in pouches, bags and small plastic bags (although I do not recommend using one, I still used it since I don't have other pouches I can store my other items with) will prevent them from mixing with your other items. 
Since shoes are probably the dirtiest item you will carry, I suggest keeping them in shoe bags like those pictured above. This will prevent them from mixing dirt they carry with your clothes and other essential items. 

 Because you don't want your cotton balls and your under garments to get dirty, I store them in separate plastic bags. I can also use these plastic bags later for when I have clothes that haven't been used yet so they don't mix with clothes that have been used. 

Other Essential Items to Bring (at least, in my opinion haha!)

1. Bath and Body Works Midnight Pomegranate Handibac; 2. Ipod Nano 4th generation; 3. Kenneth Cole Sunglasses; 4. Doublemint Mints; 5. Feminine Pads; 6. Eco bag

  • Water - we all know it is essential and bringing a bottle with you when you travel is essential to keep you hydrated all the time. This will also enable you to combat the heat especially during the summer.
  • Wet wipes/tissue - especially important on long road trips since you never know when you will feel the urge to go on a CR break. This will keep you clean even if you have to use the public restroom.
  • Extra bags - this is essential if you are going to the beach. This can be used to store all your wet clothes to prevent it from wetting all your other items inside the bag.
  • Medicine kit - you never know when you'll get sick. It is important to carry the basics such as analgesics, pain killers, ointments, anti-allergy, antacids, and band aids just in case.
A look at my final luggage. It's not as full as it appears to be and lighter than I actually thought it would be. I am so excited for tomorrow! Happy weekend everyone! :)


  1. here's one trick para indi masyadong maraming undergarments and sa space sa bag mu, first buy a disposable underwears,then buy a reversible brassiere...honestly, yun un mga dinadala ko everytime me long vacation isa pa, less energy pa sa pagcarry at effort sa paglalaba...un lang kelangan mo ng madaming disposables:-)

    1. I'm hesitant to use disposables 'coz I think they're really harmful to the environment. Unless they're biodegradable? Reversible brassieres are actually a great idea but I haven't seen one yet? Where can I get them? :)

  2. OOH I roll my clothes and use pouches too! Great minds think alike hehe :D Thanks for the tips jenn, shall defs keep them in mind when I go on my first roadie :D

    1. yey! I so agree! Great minds think alike! Thanks Fiona. :D

  3. Thanks for the tips! I never thought about rolling my clothes. Hehe! :)

    1. They're super space savers! Try them next time. :)

  4. LOL every time I'm about to have a trip I'll packed a night before and forget massive quantity of things! LOL

    1. LOL! I did that once before and I had the worst trip ever 'coz I had to find places and drop by different stores before I can start my vacation! It was such a hassle!

  5. I always land up carrying loads of luggage!!!
    shall bookmark these tips :)

    I have a "delicious giveaway" - win a abataba jewellery on my blog.

    1. Me too! But rolling clothes really help save on space. I swear! Even if you carry the same amount of clothes, you will end up with lesser luggage. :)

  6. oh dear thanks for sharing! really love this tips! i usually bring three or four huge bag for my clothes! i never think about rolling my clothes. it is so inspiring dear,,, and i never use pouch so i usually lost small things because i forgot put them somewhere..
    thank you dear for this tips!

    1. No problem! Hope you found this entry really helpful. :)

  7. I do the same thing too! ^_^ and don't forget (im just adding) to have 2 shoes if you can, 1 for comfortness and 1 for going out ;)

  8. thank you so much! I would love to do it :)) lovely blog! xx

  9. For men, I think that is simpler.