Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Sweet, Sweet Sunday

No outfit post for today! I dedicate this day for some food related post since I was really happy with the outcome of what I did this weekend. Just felt like sharing a sweet vibe to all of you. :)

My weekend was a bit hectic because I had to still finish some work-related stuff even on weekends and I had baking workshops as well. Nonetheless, my weekend was super fulfilling.

I attended baking workshops last Saturday and Sunday somewhere in E. Rodriguez (I can't remember the name of the school 'coz it's too long and I never wrote it down). I had chocolate and cupcake workshop last Saturday and pastry making on Sunday. It was my first time to make bread and I was really surprised with the result of what I did. I love baking and I've been baking a lot since my college years, though many of my college friends don't really know this since I bake for family consumption only. I was so happy with the taste of my sweet dough bread and I was super excited to eat it! Now I'm thinking of making a career shift.

Raw version

After baking
I got carried away brushing with egg wash thus the browner finish. It was so soft and fluffy and I think I will be making our own bread from now on. This bread tastes so good with salted butter and a cup of hot coffee. Perfect for breakfast or merienda. 

Blessed Wednesday everyone. :)


  1. Love the plaited loaf! Looks yummy. We have a bread machine & always make our own bread...the smell is divine!
    Have a fab Wednesday xoxo

  2. so great outfits and photos:) thank you so much for visit me!:)

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment!!!


  4. I have to admit it looks really impressive, I'm pretty sure it tastes great as well :)

  5. sounds like you had a nice and relaxing sunday!

  6. Bongga! Good luck on your baking career! :P

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  8. you are so goood at cooking
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  11. ah! i love bread ! and when they came out after baked, they look so pretty
    nice article
    thank for sharing <3
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  12. Thanks for the comment dear! I'm loving your blog, do you wanna follow each other?

  13. Jenn, I nominated your for the versatile blogger award.

  14. it looks so yummy. home made bread is always delicious.

  15. Just found you in bloggiesphere...
    You might like some of my modified European dishes LoL*

    Musta ang Pinas? Missing our country a lot.

    Blessed be,

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  16. Ok, I'm hungry now, and I want them all. They are all look so yummy:3 U have cute blog, btw:D

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    Have a sparkling day!

  17. MMMMMM I love bread :p mmmmmmm! And, I want to learn to do cupcakes, so cute <3! Congrats for post!

    Kisses from (your fan in