Friday, March 09, 2012

Spark a Controversy

I was never really one who disobeys her parents especially my dad. I have grown to have a good fear of him because of the hard core punishments that he gives my sister and I when we were younger (i.e. the palo ng sinturon kind). But now that I'm a little older and I have my own opinions, ideas and wants in life the fear have quite subsided already albeit since he is my dad some hints of fear are still lurking inside me. Especially when it comes to the things that I wear, my dad most of the time disapproves but I'm not the fearful kid anymore who keeps mum.
 I wore this outfit last week when my mom, my sister and I went for a hair treatment somewhere in San Juan. When my dad saw me wearing this shorts he was mortified. He said I looked like a porn star wearing her underwear out because they were made of lace. As I said, I don't keep mum anymore thus a controversy with my dad. I really, really like these shorts and lace has always been a love of mine. My dad, though I do love and respect him, is the super conservative kind of dad. The first time I actually wore shorts to school (the more decent denim ones) he was also really mad saying I am revealing way too much skin.
 Don't get me wrong, I love my dad and I respect him a lot. But when it comes to clothing he really is super conservative. I have seen a lot of people wearing lace shorts and they don't look vulgar to me at all so for me, I think it's okay to wear this. Plus, I got my mom's approval so its us versus him. I still ended up wearing this despite my dad's big disapproval. 
I think my dad got used to me wearing jeans and super conservative clothes. My high school has very strict dress code whenever we are allowed to wear civilian clothes (we have uniforms). So the safest way to dress up back then is the jeans+shirt+sneakers or flats combo. For 16 years of my life I was wearing that kind of clothes until I reached college when I started experimenting with clothes more. 
top and shoes: thrifted | shorts: SM dept. store | clutch: mom's
On a lighter note, I am so in love with this black bandage wedges I was able to score at the Baguio night market when we went there (see post here). I was looking for cheap ones because I can't afford the ones I saw in Topshop and I was so happy to find this! I was actually thinking twice if I should get this because the vendor wouldn't allow me to haggle anymore. Still, for 250Php (almost $6) the pair is super cheap and I just couldn't resist! You just have to wash it though since its already used. 
What do you guys think of lace shorts? :)


  1. You look so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by, would you like to follow each other?
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  2. Love love love the lace shorts hun!
    Have a lovely weekend xoxo

  3. Hello babe, this is by far my favorite outfit of yours! I love the shoes, the lace shorts and everything that comes on it. 250php for a pair of wedges, not bad! It actually look super pretty! :)

  4. Wow!! great look!! Love your short!
    Kisses from spain!ª

  5. i love the look, doesn't look bulgar at all
    and btw those shoes are awesome! :)

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  7. You look very pretty :)

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  8. I understand about the conservativeness, I get that but from my mom. Eventually she got used to me wearing tight clothes and clothes that reveal a bit of skin. :)

  9. I posted a comment tapos biglang nag error internet ko. Nawala comment ko. lol

    Anyway, what I said was I can totally relate with your situation. My parents were very conservative and hated me for wearing skirts lagi and a couple of plunging neckline cos I'm gifted. Haha! Anyway, wala na sila nagawa kasi I lessen my jeans-wearing moments. Haha! They got used to it na.

    Oh, and you look amazing and you rocked those shoes! :)

  10. you're so pretty dear <3
    chic ! love it
    anyway, i gave you an award, check it on my blog <3


  11. love your shoes... so pretty.
    i think that's ok, he' just being a dad, that's all.
    luckily my dad doesn't really mind most of what i wear, prolly
    cos I grew up abroad and he's been here all his life too so it's
    pretty much a different perspective. altho he doesn't approve of some
    things i wear, he has nothing to say. it just mean he cares about u =)

    cheers, Carla

  12. aww your dad sounds really harsh, but I have to admit his reaction made me giggle a bit- I don't think you look like a porn star at all haha. You look like sugar frosting on a cupcake ^______^

  13. Hi dear, I think you make this pretty pair of shorts look so feminine and pretty! Lovely outfit

  14. your lace shorts are so darling!
    love how you combine it with that fierce wedges

    my dad is the same but he barely home, so I am free to wear whatever I want :p

    The Sweetest Escape

  15. You look lovely!
    The heels are so pretty.
    Love, Charlie

  16. It sounds like your dad is really harsh on you. And you dont look like a pornstar:D actually you look cute and innocent in those lace shorts.)


  17. love those shoes

  18. My dad always moans about what I wear too, but you look lovely!

  19. Really nice blog! I follow u, I hope u pass from mine kiss :)

  20. Thank you for visiting my blog dear. i am following you. hope you follow back ;)

  21. you look amazing! love your style :)


  22. Super cute look! Love your shorts!!


  23. You look lovely!! I really like this outfit.

  24. Love this romantic outfit :)

  25. The lace shorts look good on you. As a dad myself, I too would be mortified (if I had a daughter).. but that's how dad's are! You will always be his lil girl, no matter how old you are! Thank God I have a boy! =D

  26. you look adorable and sweet in those lace shorts! love how you mixed it up with those black wedges :)

    Parade of Dresses