Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Sunday: Welcoming Jesus and my Sister

Last Sunday we had a double celebration. As a Christian, we celebrated Jesus' resurrection and coincidentally, it was also my sister's birthday. We had lunch at FISH in Visayas ave and then went to Greenhills afterwards because my mom wanted to buy some jewelry. 

My mom was actually teasing me about this outfit. She said I look like one of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls. How I wish! Gwen Stefani has always been my idol ever since her No Doubt days. I think this is far from looking like a legit Harajuku Girl. 
 I am so in love with this skirt! The pockets are a great twist added to such a girly textile. This skirt has everything - well, almost - that I love in clothes: pockets, chiffon, and teal. I don't really know why, but lately I'm really drawn to anything teal. I know pastels are the color of the season but I just can't veer myself away from teal (and coral)!. Soon, I will buy something pastel just so I can be on-trend. haha!
 Top: Esprit | Skirt: thrifted | Shoes: Just G. 

 rings: bazaar | wrap around bracelet: Oasap
I just recently got this bracelet from Oasap. I think their jewelry section is one of the most underrated section  of the website. I love how this bracelet is wrap-around and very girly. It screams my name all over it! I just adore the colors especially the charms. I am just so happy with this bracelet! 

PS: Sorry for being MIA lately. Too much workload piled up and I am not even halfway done! aahhh! Spending most of my summer indoors. Bummer...anyway, off to replying to your comments now! :)

Happy mid-week everyone! 


  1. really sweet clothing...welcome to Jesus and ur sister too:)
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    1. awww! thank you so much for the nice comment. :)

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  5. Love your top darling..
    happy Easter <3


  6. Totoo nga! You look like one of Gwen Stefani's harajuku girls. You look absolutely adorable :)

    1. hahahaha! How I wish to become one of Gwen's girls. :)

  7. You look fab!! Your skirt is great!
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  8. I love your skirt! It sounds like a lovely Easter, doll!
    xo Josie

  9. Love the skirt and your shoes!!
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  10. very gorgeous!
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  12. cute outfit! love the jewelry
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  13. absolutely gorgepus!!

  14. Pretty outfit. Love it!

  15. Thank you :)
    Aw, love the shirt that you wear in last post :)

  16. SUch a lovely outfit and your top is so pretty. Looks great on you :) xo akiko

  17. Love this!! :):)