Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cruel Intentions

More than two months and I think I'm back...I think...

I don't want to promise anything because I hate breaking promises and I might break promising to post more regularly. I thank those who still visit and visited my blog despite my hiatus because you gave me page views! Thank you for that. :)

I actually have no idea where to begin because it's been so long since I did this. I have read many bloggers say that it is hard to get back once you stop blogging. Before, I will instantly dismiss that argument but now, I guess I agree. I want to make a blog overhaul so expect some changes around here starting with this post. I hope you prefer a bunch of text more than a bunch of pictures because I fear that is going to happen more often now. And, as you all know and probably observe, I am a crappy photographer. I prefer taking self-portraits than obliging someone to take them for me (it makes me feel too self-conscious). And writing is what I THINK I am good at so this is what I will be doing more often. I will stop pretending to take great pictures because I can't. I will start writing more often because I CAN.