Monday, October 29, 2012

Product Review: Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

For many months I have told myself I will try this towelettes out. If you have followed my blog before, you know that I am still on the hunt for the best makeup remover for my ultra sensitive, acne-prone skin. I liked a few but nothing was at par with my standards. After watching a ton of videos of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube, it made me covet this makeup remover/facial wipes so much. Curiosity has always been my middle name and the tremendous praises and raves from the beauty community this product received made me lust for this all the more. Fortunately, my package arrived a few days ago and, my, was I ecstatic to try this product out.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Coming of Age

It's so cliche the saying "time flies so fast." But come to think of it, time really does fly so fast - as in lightning fast (another hyperbole of mine). I can still remember last year like it happened just a month ago or so, and now we are in mid-October and it's only a few days before Christmas is here and then New Year is here and then voila! It's 2013. I don't like to think much about time because I feel like it's running away from me. Whenever I try to think that I still have time, I have tomorrow to do such and such, reminiscing about yesterday's events - I just feel like I don't have enough of  it and and soon, I will perish from this world. So as much as possible I try to live on a daily basis and just do what I can do for the day.