Monday, October 29, 2012

Product Review: Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes

For many months I have told myself I will try this towelettes out. If you have followed my blog before, you know that I am still on the hunt for the best makeup remover for my ultra sensitive, acne-prone skin. I liked a few but nothing was at par with my standards. After watching a ton of videos of my favorite beauty gurus on youtube, it made me covet this makeup remover/facial wipes so much. Curiosity has always been my middle name and the tremendous praises and raves from the beauty community this product received made me lust for this all the more. Fortunately, my package arrived a few days ago and, my, was I ecstatic to try this product out.

Upon the arrival of my package, I had to immediately try this on my face. Needless to say, I was happy with using it. The smell may not be the best in the world but the towelettes are super soft and doesn't irritate my skin. It immediately removes all traces of makeup on my face and did not break me out. I love how soft it is against my skin making removing makeup a lovely experience.


  • removes makeup easily
  • soft towels which is great for people with sensitive skin
  • does not break me out
  • contains 30 towelettes which can last me for more than a month
  • it's organic
  • mild sensation on my upper lip and nose area
  • cannot remove waterproof makeup
  • a bit expensive
  • the smell!

But overall, my experience with this towelettes is something that I cannot forget simply because of how soft the towels are. It feels like butter on my skin. Albeit the unpleasant cucumber scent, I will keep on using this product.

Disclaimer: this is a self-promotional post because I am selling 2 packs of this on my ebay store (click here to go to my ebay store). But everything I have said are all true based on my experience. :)


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