Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Simple Life

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to live in a rural area?

I've been thinking a lot lately about how I live my life today and how it would drastically change if I were to suddenly transfer to a rural area. Would it make feel at peace? Would I miss my extravagant metropolitan life? Or, maybe nothing will change. Staring at the clouds at twilight can really stimulate the mind to think about so many things about life. I just wish I have the guts to actually put all my thoughts into action.

Sometimes living in the city can be taxing for a number of reasons:

1.) There is noise everywhere: from neighbors who sing at the karaoke machine until 2 in the morning to early morning roosters cock-a-doodle-do-ing to tricycles that dominate the streets in front of my house early in the morning. All of these sounds are already too familiar and hearing them wakes me up from my imagination of a peaceful rural life (aside from the sound of the rooster, of course). These sounds tell me that I am in the city and this is where I belong; this is where I live. But oftentimes, I feel tired hearing all these sounds. They make me feel stressed. They are just bothersome!

2.) Money is everything. How can you survive living in the city if you don't have money, right? Everything has to be all about the money. I am not saying that moving to the countryside and a rural area would mean not needing money because you still do. It's just that when you live in a big city, your entire life really depends on it. Sometimes thinking about money can be tiring. Who doesn't want to earn more and afford all the luxuries of the world? Just thinking about it makes me feel drained.

Living in the city my entire life, I have grown accustomed to its culture. Wakeup, go to work/go to school, eat, meet friends, go shopping, sleep. It feels like there is no time for respite to appreciate all the blessings you receive and to just feel at ease. Everywhere you go, there are demands to fulfill. While that is interesting and challenging at the same time, there will always come a time when you just want to lay low and relax for a bit. You just want to find that inner peace living in the hustle and bustle of your current life cannot offer. You want to smell and feel the cold breeze of early morning and see the sun rising without the smog. You just want a peaceful environment where you can relax, find comfort, be at peace with yourself, and appreciate everything you have. 
Beanie: from Baguio | Blazer: SM Department Store | Top: Landmark | Skirt: Jellybean | 
Pumps: Call It Spring

This is why sometimes you can't help but wonder how it would be like to have a change of scenery and a change of pace. To erase all the stressors in your life, one thinks of moving places and changing his environment. The rural life perhaps is more suitable for you. The calm and serene environment, the fresh scent of your surroundings, and the simple life people have - they all sound very appealing. Then, you just wish to leave what you are used to behind in search for a new life and a new adventure.

However, leaving everything behind is not that easy. Once you are used to a convenient and extravagant life the city offered, it will be difficult to adjust to the simple rural life. You will have to get used to your new way of life and it can take time before you can forget how convenient the city life has been for you.

But then, how will you ever know how great the rural life would be if you wouldn't try it? Besides, change is always a good thing. It will help you realize a lot of things and it will also help you appreciate many things. From the extravagant to the simple life; it may not be easy but I'm guessing it'll be worth it.

By the way, if you made it until this part, everything I wrote is a metaphor for something that I am just not willing to share...yet. Maybe in the near future. Who knows? It is up to you my dear readers to interpret everything but I believe everything is very clear and easy to understand.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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