Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Product Review: Banila Co Prime Primer Classic Matte

One of the things I would like to make a regular part of this blog is product reviews. Us girls just love them makeup and skincare products! We always want to try new things we see in the market and if we like them, we always like to share them with other people. I've been buying so much makeup and skincare products lately - especially Korean and Japanese brands which y'all know I adore (which is a poison pill because once you use 'em, you will get so addicted that you can never stop using). Hopefully, I get to post one review every week *fingers crossed!

I find using a primer prior to foundation/BB cream application a must. It keeps all other face makeup adhere longer and seals in skincare products. One that I have recently been loving is the Prime Primer Classic Matte from Banila Co. I used to be a huge fan of the Etude House Baby Skin base in green but I believe it has been faced-out already (correct me if I'm mistaken). So upon searching for a new staple green primer, I came across this one from Banila Co. With so much good reviews under its belt, I was sold.


  • Matte - I love the fact that it is matte. Unlike the Etude House one which is quite oily and greasy, this one has a powdery finish creating a matte effect. I like matte finishes because I have extremely oily skin. I can't risk the dewy effect which I believe many Koreans and Japanese want because it'll make my skin look like a deep fryer. 
  • Effect lasts for hours - the matte effect will last for hours. I believe its effect lasts on my face about 3-4 hour before my oil glands start acting up again.
  • A small amount is all you need - I only use a pea size amount every time I use this and it is enough to cover your entire face and neck area. 
  • Lasts for a long time - because you only need a small amount, even if you use this every day (like 7 times a week), it will last you for a long time. I have been using mine every day (about 5-6 times a week) since November 2013 and I am not even half way finished with the bottle yet! For it's price, you really get your money's worth.
  • Not available in the Philippines - yeah, I wish Banila Co will be available here soon because I really love their products!
  • Quite expensive - it's not really that expensive but compared to the Etude House one, you can say this one is on the pricier spectrum. This bottle costs 18,000KRW which is equivalent to $18 converted to Philippine peso is about 801PHP at the time of purchase. The Etude House one is only about 398PHP.
  • Works well with certain BB creams only - I've tried using this for a variety of BB creams including Clio, Banila Co and Missha. It doesn't work as well with Missha than with Clio and Banila Co (or maybe it is the effect of the BB cream itself and not the primer?)
  • No English translation of what's written at the back - if you can't read Hangeul or don't understand Korean language, you might find this intimidating. Unlike other brands like Etude House which has a few English translations like the directions on how to use, this one doesn't - save for the name of the product.

But overall, if only Banila Co products is accessible to the Filipino market, I will repurchase this one. The only place I can think where I can get this is online and I haven't found a really reputable online store that carries this brand (don't want to purchase from Sasa because of the bipolar reviews I read). When I return to Seoul, I will make sure to stock up on this! 

Rating: 4/5 (4 only because of the price and inaccessibility of the brand).


  1. Great review sweetheart...Thx for sharing..:-)

  2. Great review, I've never heard about this product before but it sound amazing!!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

    1. It's a Korean brand but not as popular as Etude House or The Face Shop because their products are a bit pricier than aforementioned brands. But this is definitely a better brand...at least for me.

  3. I'm looking for a good primer. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. It sounds amazing! I've heard of the brand name but never tried it. Great review.

    1. It's not that popular in other countries I think. But definitely one of the best Korean brands I've tried.

  5. New follower from Kim's blog I always get primer samples but I just find I am too lazy to really use it every day this sounds like a nice product however Good review Hope you can check out my blog about NYC!

    1. Thank you for following. This is a great product to use everyday.

  6. I need that product !

    Bisous !