Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Beauty Essentials

I'm not they type of girl who brings almost her entire makeup collection with her when she goes out. I've been watching a ton of this kind of video on YouTube over the past years and it is unbelievable the amount of makeup people bring with them. I find it impractical and unnecessary as it will add more weigh to your bag. I keep a simple and practical but efficient items in my make up bag. I want a fuss free but effective items I can use everyday.

Here's what's inside my makeup bag: 
 Makeup bag: Forever 21 | Toothbrush: Dentiste | Toothpaste: Colgate | Random hair comb
Lipstick: Chanel | Pressed powder: MAC | Blotting sheets: Too Cool for School 
Mirror: gifted | Handibac: gifted from Bath and Body Works | Hand lotion: Philosophy
Vera Bradley and Random band aids | Medications: paracetamol and ranitidine | Halls candy

These are probably the only makeup items I bring with me. Of course, I need to retouch my lipstick every so often because I eat and drink and talk at work. This is just to give my face some color and life as I am very pale (sometimes I even look like I have a terminal disease because of how ghastly white I am). I use a MAC pressed blotting powder in the shade light (nope, it doesn't have any NC something on it). I switched the puff to an Etude House one because the puff from MAC that came with this powder is not that soft. I didn't like it. I am also loving this super cute blotting sheet from Too Cool for School. This is a Korean brand that has a really cute packaging. It comes with a sponge with double sided tape for the sheets to adhere to. So when you blot your face, it will look like you are applying powder on. Such a cute concept! You can purchase refill of the sheets so don't worry about having to repurchase the case over and over again.

For my hygiene stuff, I have a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste. I also have a handsanitizer from Bath & Body Works which my friend bought for me from the states. I really like how it smells but it is a bit drying on the skin. Which brings me to my hand lotion I bought from Philosophy. It is super moisturizing but when it gets too humid where I live, my hand sweats like a broken faucet (that is how moisturizing it is). I have always had skin allergies and every time I use laundry detergent, my hands would shed skin uncontrollably. But this hand lotion has managed to control it. My hands feel soft and moisturized even when I do my laundry. But I don't advise using this if you don't have the same skin condition as I do and/or if you live in a hot and humid environment.

I do have some medications and band aids in my makeup bag because you never know. But my essentials are just paracetamol, for when migraine suddenly attacks and ranitidine to control the acidity of my stomach. The candy is just a random piece of item I found on my makeup bag. I don't really like eating candy, FYI.

Share what is inside your makeup bag! :)


  1. I don't stuff my bag with make up items when I travel too. Nice post.

  2. Great items! Beautiful post, really interesting!

  3. I only bring essentials which fit in a bag like yours. I think I bring more first aid stuff then makeup! HaHA Great post!

  4. Your makeup bag is so pretty and I love your choice of products. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Your make up bag is so pretty and I love your choice of products. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  6. Very nice review, I really love your essentials :)

  7. I love having a small make up bag. You're right it's unbelievable how people carry so much unpractical stuffs with them <3

    love lots,


  8. I should do this in my blog but that would be funny coz I'm like lahat ko dala...hahahaha,.sometimes I bring 3 lipstick:)