Sunday, September 14, 2014

Craves and Sights: Historic Camalig, Xtremely Xpresso, Croque Cafe + Bakery

A good ambiance can make the food taste a hundred times better. Some people might disagree with me but I find the visuals helpful in developing the taste of the food and in making the experience of eating more memorable. I always enjoy my food better when I eat at restaurants with the same appealing and appetizing interiors.

New restaurants are popping up here and there like mushrooms. I often hear new restaurants opening up almost every week! You can just imagine the "restaurants-to-try" list that I have! I have a ton and I am only just beginning my adventure. 

Food will always have a huge place in my heart - and in my stomach. So I have started this adventure where I want to try new and quirky - or eccentric - restaurants. Well, most of these aren't new, actually. But they are new to me so I hope you enjoy the few restaurants I have tried over the past few weeks and I intend to make this a weekly habit. Hooray for good food and lovely ambiance!

Historic Camalig Restaurant

Address: Santo Rosario St, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga

It is an old Spanish style house turned into a restaurant. The interiors are actually kinda creepy but I like it. It distinguishes itself from other restaurants. Where else here in the Philippines can you find a restaurant with a headless priest used as decoration? I'm not really sure if there is such a restaurant other than this. The food is okay - not really the best. They serve pizza and pasta. Nonetheless, I enjoyed dining here mostly because of the eerie decorations.

Address: 1 Dewey Ave, Olongapo City, 2209 Zambales

The pizza was lovely...and huge! It was really delicious - nice, thin, and crispy. We were only supposed to get cake and coffee but we ended up eating a huge pizza as my brother insisted. The coffee was nice and strong - not really my taste but I liked it anyway. The cake was okay but there was nothing special in it. It tastes pretty much the same as any other cake store. But the thing that really delighted me in this restaurant is the cute coffee cup fountain! I want one in our backyard.

Address: G/F Dominion Bldg., Pasay Road, Makati City

The best mashed potatoes I have eaten my entire life! It was creamy and was so good! 

I am really a sucker for vintage-inspired restaurants like Stacy's and Vanilla Cupcake Bakery that when a former colleague asked to have brunch at this cafe, I did not think twice. I was captivated by the quirky interiors plus the quotes that elicit good vibes. This cafe also offers red velvet frappuccino which tasted a bit too sweet and odd for me. There was a huge chunk of cream cheese in the drink which is kinda weird for me as I am so used to eating cream cheese with bread and not drink it with a red-colored-coffee-shake. It was okay but I am unsure if I can say it's delicious or not. 

I hope to visit more restaurants soon and I also hope you enjoyed this post. It wasn't too mouthwatering, eh?

Have a lovely week ahead!


  1. awwww... great post! I always a fan of eating in an old house turn into a restaurant. :) you really had fun!


  2. Great places ! Your photos are delicious :)