Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hallyu Corner: SM Entertainment and Their Many Scandals


It is not a secret that the world of Kpop is filled with scandals. Lawsuits are being filed left and right, idols withdrawing their membership because the life of a Kpop star is just too much to handle – both have become ordinary. One particular company that is always in the limelight of scandals is SM Entertainment. Though they are known as one of the big three companies in Kpop, SM is also known as the most scandalous. It all started with TVXQ who were at the top of their game when suddenly three members, now known as JYJ, filed a lawsuit to end their contract. The three members won the lawsuit and are now doing their own promotions. And then Hangeng from Super Junior did the same. And this year it was two EXO members Kris and Luhan. Jessica from Girl’s Generation was also rumoured to be kicked out. What is really happening behind the curtains, behind the glitz and glamour of being a Kpop star? There is definitely more going on that the public are unaware of.

Cardigan, dress and headband: Forever 21 | Socks: SM Dept. Store 
Loafers: River Island | Watch: Anne Klein | Gold bracelet: from mom

Rumours have it that Kpop stars are treated as a commodity. They don’t get to rest when they want to. They have to work very hard to gain fans, have a successful concert and album to the point that their health is sacrificed. All their actions are dictated by the company they are working for. While it is true that Kpop is a business, the employees should be treated as humans not as commodities. Yes, they give you income. Yes, they provide you service. Yes, they are your business. But humans think and act, unlike food or beauty products which can be manipulated wholly. They have to work hard for the company because it is their job. But it is also the responsibility of the company to keep its employees happy and healthy.

Work-life balance is what I presume lacking with SM Entertainment. They make their idols work long hours without providing them enough time to rest and have some leisurely activities. The contracts should be 2-way: beneficial to the company and beneficial to the idol. You don’t hire idols to do whatever you wish for him to do. He has a mind of his own and he can act on his own. Treat him as a human who also needs to enjoy life. Give him the freedom that he needs and they will return the favour.

But on the other hand, these idols or trainees need to know beforehand what they are getting themselves into. Sometimes I feel like they don’t read their contract first before signing. Surely the company must have given them the contract and did not force them to sign it. If there are things you don’t understand or things you disagree with, negotiate with the company. There is nothing wrong with doing that. But then you have to have the guts to do it and if you are a rookie who so desperately wants to debut, you would just go with what the company wants. And most of these rookies are so young with so much respect to the elderly to automatically just say yes.

As funny and absurd as it may sound, in the end, it is the fans who always hurt the most. I, too, am sad for these people to move on from their groups. I will surely miss Luhan in EXO and my OTP has been destroyed (I am a shipper of the HunHan couple). Though I am not a fan of Girl’s Generation, I will be sad to see Jessica out of the group. I wish they will still be 9 when they make a comeback but I think that ain’t happening anymore. Nonetheless, I wish these people happiness and good health as they move on with their lives. I sound like an obsessed fangirl but I guess I am!

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  1. Being a celebrity truly isn't all glamour I sometimes feel sorry of them. on a lighter note your outfit is really cute..

    1. I agree. They may look better than most people but behind the camera is where all the real drama happens and it can be quite nasty.


  2. so dainty! love the outfit so much :))

    xoxo, rae

  3. love love love....
    the cardigan
    the dress...

  4. cute outfit, I really like the dress :)

  5. Cute dress andI love your pink cardigan :)

  6. Awesome and stylish look! You are gorgeous on these pics! Great style and stunning you!

  7. Cute look, love it.

  8. aww im sad about Luhan too and of course Sica because i love them both! Luhan is one of my fave memeber of Exo so as Sica huhu why? why? why? Okay, i need to stop now. ANyway, you look absolutely adorable and cute in your outfit.

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    1. Luhan is just my second favorite - next to Sehun. But I really love the HunHan couple. I am so sad they have to break up. :( I also ask why....

      Thank you!

  9. you look lovely:) Best wishes from Russia:)