Thursday, November 27, 2014

Product Review: Juju Aquamoist Whity Bihacon Whitening Milk

I have always admired Japanese and Korean women with milky white and porcelain-like skin. I think both have the best skin in the world. Though I can say I have fair and milky-white complexion, I lack the latter – I don’t have porcelain-like skin. I struggled with acne as an adolescent up to my early twenties. The result – scarred and pigmented skin. Now, I am struggling to lighten hyperpigmentation and am trying to save money to go to the dermatologist to heal the scar.
Hyperpigmentation is easier to deal with than acne scarring. I have a few indented acne scars especially on my temples and they are quite ugly. I don’t think there is a product in the market that is formulated to raise indented scars. The only solution I can think of is going to the dermatologist for a procedure. But with hyperpigmentation, there are so many products out there that can help. One that I recently tried is the Whity Bihacon Whitening Milk from Juju Aquamoist.

As I already mentioned, I do have fair skin. I am using whitening products to fade the hyperpigmentation and to even out my skin tone. I have had good experience with Juju Aquamoist before (as seen on this post) hence I was eager to try their other products. I asked my mom to buy this for me when she went to Hong Kong as I have read positive reviews about it online. I have been using this for about 8 months now and I still have a lot of product left – I don’t think I reached half the bottle yet! I am a little unsure though of the results. It did make my skin hydrated and even with some sun exposure I have maintained my fair complexion. But I don’t know if it helped lighten my hyperpigmentation.

·    Only a small amount is needed to moisturize the entire face and neck
·    Watery and lightweight – perfect for hot and humid countries such as the Philippines
·    Scent is not too strong
·    Made my skin soft and silky

·    Not readily available in the Philippines market
·    Not sure if there is any whitening effect. If there is it is hardly noticeable.
·    Can be a bit oily on people with really oily skin. On days when my skin is acting stranger than usual, I end up with really oily skin when I use this.
I am not sure if I will still repurchase this once I consume the bottle. I don’t know if it did anything to lighten my hyperpigmentation as I am also using products recommended by my dermatologist that can also help lighten hyperpigmentation. It could be that the combination of the products I used helped in lightening as I do notice some of my previous hyperpigmentation fade. But I am uncertain if that was because I used this or because of the other products I use. By the way, I have used the products my dermatologist gave me months before I started using this and I can say that they work well with controlling acne and with fading hyperpigmentation. But if you are looking for a product to maintain your fair complexion that is lightweight this is a good product. I will try to look for another whitening product once I am done with this bottle.


  1. Woahh Never heard or tried the product before...I don't know if I'll try it too.. I'm scared to use products that I'm not so sure always dear! great review coming from you!! <3

    love lots,

    1. Thank you! I know how you feel. If you have ultra sensitive skin, I would suggest to consult with your dermatologist first.

  2. I discover this product on your blog. Thank you for this review :)

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    1. Thank you! I can't access your blog. :(

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    1. I loved the cleansing oil but I am indifferent with this one.