Thursday, August 21, 2014

Short Post: Uninspired

Uninspired is a word I try to forget in my vocabulary. It is a word that elicits negative vibes and makes you unmotivated to go on with your day. As hard as I may try to forget, there will always be moments that make you uninspired. You don’t have the energy to live. You don’t want to go to work. Your mind afloat a different universe not even parallel to where you are standing. It is a struggle to go on with your day when you feel uninspired. It hinders productivity and thwarts efficiency. In the end, everything piles up, you become stressed, and you become even more uninspired with your life.  

 Dress and Belt: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Banana Republic | Shoes: Jellybean
Bag: Aldo | Necklace: from Amsterdam | Watch: Anne Klein

I admire people who can draw inspiration from random things. Some people just listen to music and they instantly feel energized and inspired. Some people just look at a certain artwork and voila! Inspiration and energy just suddenly bursts. I, on the other hand, belong to the other end of the spectrum. I struggle with finding inspiration. When I feel down, I really feel down. When I don’t have enough energy, I need to lie in my bed and sleep. Music never helps me. Art never helps me. I don’t know why but it is difficult for me to draw inspiration and motivation.

And then there is the issue of money. We have to admit that for most people, money is what inspires them. When you think of money, you are inspired to shop; you are inspired to travel; you are inspired to watch a movie; you are inspired to do so many things. But running on money alone is not healthy. If you are unhappy and not passionate with what you are doing, the result will always be mediocre. You just look forward to pay day and not care if the result of your work is the best that you can offer. This is something that I have been struggling with the past few days. Though I am enjoying some parts of my work, there are aspects of it that bore me. I feel unchallenged. I am not challenged enough to feel inspired and motivated to do better. I feel lacklustre. I feel I am not shining enough with some parts of my work. Maybe it is time for me to move on to a different field? I don’t know. But at least there is that something about my job that gives colour and meaning to my life.

 Dress and Belt: Forever 21 | Cardigan: Banana Republic | Shoes: Jellybean
Bag: Aldo | Necklace: from Amsterdam | Watch: Anne Klein

Have you felt like this with your job before? If so, how did you get out of the rut? What inspired you to move forward?

A blessed Sunday to all.


  1. Too many deep words lol glad I learned something new while reading your post. Inspiration really matters in our everyday lives because most of the time, that's the reason why we feel alive. I am not yet working 'cause I'm still a student but I also felt uninspired. It's really hard to be uninspired seriously, especially that I'm an aspiring writer. As part of being a writer , we really need to draw stories that comes from inspiration. No inspiration. No story.

    Please check out my new post too if you have time! :)
    The Girl Behind the Pen

  2. I am so afraid to sport contrasting colors but you did it effortlessly.
    we find inspiration everywhere,
    we just have to breathe and let creativity flow.

    Ms. Kei

  3. .i think, everybody felt that way, uninspired for quite sometimes...but whenever i feel negative vibes and feel so low, i will just watch you tube specifically beauty and fashion related..thats my comfort zone, two in one, after watching, inspired to create and learn from it....i also sleep a lot..hahahha!

  4. I am glad that the changes that happened in my work has pushed me to be more inspired, challenged and motivated; but nothing is perfect. There would still be those times that I don't feel like working, I feel tired, and just like you I'd feel uninspired. Take a rest, contemplate,and feel the world around you. Are you moving in a phase that still makes you a better person everyday? If after some time of meditating to it you would find out that you need something better to push you... Maybe it is time for a change. :)

    BTW, love the outfit and the bag is just so adorable! :D


  5. You are so beautiful ! I love this outfit and your bag is adorable <3