Sunday, December 21, 2014

Beach Wedding Dresses

There is nothing fancier and more romantic than a beach wedding. Imagine the sound of the ocean crashing through the sand, the beautiful sunset as your backdrop, and the warm beach breeze to amplify the ambiance – it would be the perfect wedding for many people. But the problem with beach weddings is that it can be very challenging to find the right outfit not only for the bride and groom but also for the entourage. Fortunately Dressestylist recognizes this challenge. They have a selection of beach wedding dresses that are the perfect dress to wear on your beach wedding.

Short-Length Dresses
Wearing a short dress is probably the best option for a beach wedding. It will make walking on the sand easier. Walking with a long trail on the beach may sound romantic and dreamy but in reality this is your worst nightmare. Sand can potentially damage your dress especially if it is made of delicate fabric like chiffon and lace. Sand trapped in your dress will also look unpleasant in pictures. Aside from the sand, your second enemy would be the ocean. Yes, it is nice and relaxing to hear on the background but in reality, it can make walking on the beach a dread. It will make your dress heavier and it will attract sand to stick on your dress. Dressestylist has a lot of short-length dress options that retains the delicateness, romance, and femininity of a wedding dress. Here are some:

Breathable and Durable Fabric
Though short-dresses are more practical for a beach wedding, there are still some women who would prefer the traditional long wedding dress. If you are one of those, a breathable and durable fabric would be your best option. There are many other types of fabric you can choose from such as satin and silk which are not as water-absorbent and sand-attractive than chiffon and lace. However, such fabrics may be too thick to wear for a hot and humid beach wedding so make sure to choose the right thickness. Charmeuse is also a good fabric option. Dressestylist also has a wide range of wedding dresses made of breathable and durable fabric. Here are some:

A beach wedding is a dream-come-true for many women. It is the most romantic setting for a wedding. But the most challenging part is finding the right dress for the bride and the entourage. Worry no more as Dressestylist has a wide array of beach wedding dresses you can choose from that are perfect to wear for  beach wedding.

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  1. These are gorgeous dresses! Thanks for sharing :)

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