Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Craves and Sights: Leona's Art Restaurant, Momo Cafe, and Endless Summer Cafe

There are just too many restaurants to try out every week! Needless to say I've been pigging out again. Here area some of the restaurants I've tried over the past few weeks:

Leona Art Restaurant
This has definitely become one of my favorite restaurants. Not only do they serve delicious meals but they also have a quirky interior. It is a great place to hangout with friends you haven't seen for a long time. The space is quiet - perfect for long chats over great food. I've been here twice and I can say I will come back for more.

Momo Cafe
I was instantly attracted to the interiors of this cafe/restaurant. It is like someone else's kitchen opened to the public and turned into a restaurant. The food I must say is really good! The ribs were so tender the meat starts to fall off the moment you slice it. It was juicy and very tasty. The cheese wraps and seafood past (not pictured) were also very good. But I was somehow disappointed with the toblerone cupcake. It wasn't as good as I thought it will be. It was too sweet and not the kind of sweet that I like. Another thing I was not happy about this restaurant is their service. It took them too long to serve us water. I also asked to separate the bill for the cupcake but they gave us just one bill/invoice. That's fine. We paid. But when they gave us the change, they were asking for more because they eventually separated the bill (we had to pay for 2 service charges which would've been fine had they separated the bill in the first place). WTH???? I asked for separate bills, you gave us one, and now you will charge us separately??? I was not very happy with that. Though food was great, I am not too happy with the service. I am not going back.

Endless Summer Cafe
This cafe reminded me of my short vacation in El Nido, Palawan. I think the owner is a surfing enthusiast as the place is literally covered in pictures of surfers and beaches. The overall ambiance is very laid back and relaxing - as if you are dining on a seaside restaurant. I did not expect the food to taste really good because it is a very small, open-air cafe located inside the residential area of my university. But to my surprise, it was so good! Affordable food made for college student budget but delicious nonetheless. I was also taken aback by the shake I ordered: Choco-banana-chocnut. It was smooth and no chunks of ice are apparent. I find it odd that the flavors didn't mix well. It was more of a layer: chocolate then banana then chocnut. How the F did that happen????

Everything was taken using my Samsung S5 in low lighting so forgive the blurriness and pixelatedness of some of the pictures. 


  1. Wow! nakakagutom naman ang mga pagkain sis! hehehhe I love how yummy they all looked like! the place is also worth visting too. I'm one sucker for cafes. So glad you had a great sight and meal dear! <3

    love lots,


    1. Thanks! Really worth the visit. I always have a great meal especially if I have good company. Sana you get to try one of these when you go to Manila. :)

  2. Nice review.
    What a shame for the service in the second restaurant because the place is very nice...

    1. I know. The food was good but if service is crappy, I will not recommend it to anyone!