Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Craves and Sights: Mesa, Magnum Cafe and Local Edition

Christmas really is the season to get fat! And discover great restaurants, eat great meals, and make my wallet unhappy by eating so much. Here is another set of restaurants I tried the past few days.

I wasn't really planning on eating Filipino food but my friends were craving for rice. So when we saw this restaurant, we just settled for it. The interior wasn't all that jazzy and eye-catching but the use of indigenous materials and local symbols were I thought creative. The use of the straw hat as lighting, bamboo design for utensils, and wicker for the dining set were unique. I love the fact that they made the restaurant look like an old-fashioned Filipino house creating a more homey and welcoming feeling. I also noticed some foreigners dining here so the dishes they served must be really palatable. I know for a fact that Filipino cuisine isn't really globally renowned as some foreigners think our food are weird. But since a few foreigners were eating when we were there, the dishes might have some international twist to it but still retain that unique Filipino taste. And I was right, the dishes were what I would call modern Filipino cuisine. They are not the usual taste I am used to but they have a unique taste and presentation that would appeal to global consumers. I highly recommend this restaurant for anyone who wants to try Filipino cuisine but isn't quite ready yet for the authentic. 

I have always wanted to try dining here ever since it opened last year. But SM Aura is a bit far where I live and quite difficult to go to if you ride public transportation. Good thing my friends and I were already in BGC and then decided to go here for dessert. The cafe is famous for their "make your own magnum"  dessert and the various plated magnum creations they offer. We didn't go for the "make your own magnum" because we wanted to eat inside the cafe. You can only dine-in if you order at least 2 plated desserts. So that's what we did - and we ended up ordering 3 plated desserts. After eating so much food at Mesa, I was surprised we still have a lot of room left for dessert. The interior isn't that magnificent like how I envisaged it to be but it looked really expensive and high class. Hope I can go back soon and try the "make your own magnum." They have a park nearby anyway so you can opt to just eat your magnum there.

 We ordered 2 of this! It was so good! I love how they just bake the cookie dough half the time so it is soft and chewy - perfectly complements the creamy and cold magnum ice cream.

By now you probably know I am sucker for quaint and quirky cafes. Though I am not a heavy coffee drinker and I will prefer hot cocoa over coffee anytime, I like to discover hidden coffee shops. I particularly like those that are not "chains" e.g. Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Figaro, etc. Though I still visit those shops every now and then, I would prefer going to those that are less popular and less crowded. One my friends used to regularly visit this coffee shop and since we are already in Makati, we decided to pay a visit. There were only 3 people when we entered, and I already fell in-love with the ambiance. It was very small but inviting, nonetheless. Since there are only a few customers, servers were very attentive to our enquiries - one of the reasons why I prefer non-chain coffee shops. It was tucked away and hidden from the hustle and bustle of Makati CBD so it was a great place for us to hangout and talk. Coffee wasn't that great. It was too sweet for my taste - or at least the one we ordered. But the ambiance is enough for me to go back.

Last 2 pictures were taken by my good friend Karen.

Hopefully, I get to try out more restaurants next year and be able to share with you the great food and great interiors I will discover.

Have a blessed new year to all of you! Thank you for the past year that you've been with my blog. I wish for more blessings to come in 2015. :)


  1. Ahhh hope the Magnum store will open din in Cebu! So jealous!!!! I love Magnum ice creams pa naman!

    love lots,

    1. Go there when it opens! I swear! Their plated desserts are heaven!

  2. Magnum Cafe must be amazing ! :)