Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lace Wedding Dresses

Lace is probably the most common fabric used in wedding dresses. There is something very feminine and romantic about lace wedding dresses that attract brides making it the first choice of fabric. It is elegant, sophisticated, and exudes class. You can show off some skin without looking too revealing. Dressestylist offers a wide range of wedding dresses fitted with lace details brides-to-be can choose from. Short dresses, long gowns, off the shoulder, strapless – they have all sorts of styles to choose from.

Styling Lace Wedding Dresses
One of the biggest fears of wearing a lace dress is styling it. Lace is a very delicate fabric that the wrong choice of accessories can ruin the entire dress. You need to choose your jewellery, handbag, and shoes wisely. Make sure there are no spikes or anything sharp on your accessories. These can potentially rip the lace fabric and create a disaster. It is more advisable to wear earrings or a headpiece instead of a necklace when wearing a lace dress as the chain of the necklace can get stuck in the lace which can also potentially rip the fabric. Necklaces are more suitable for strapless lace dresses or low necklines.

The Right Length
With lace wedding dresses, another important consideration is the length. Short lace dresses are advisable for shorter women to avoid getting caught up in the train. As mentioned above, lace is very delicate and can easily rip. When you trip on your lace wedding dress, there is a high possibility that it can rip. But if you really want a long lace dress, make sure your shoes are high enough – but comfortable still – that you can avoid tripping on your dress. Longer lace dresses are more advisable for taller women.

Weight and Material
Lace comes in different forms and materials. There are heavier lace fabrics which are more durable and there are also lighter lace fabrics which are more delicate. While the denser and more durable lace material are good, it can weigh your body down and make walking down the aisle unbearable. Choose a good, lightweight lace fabric that is easy to walk in and comfortable. It is better to avoid lace dresses covered in sequins, beads, and pearls as it adds more weight. A simple, lightweight fabric is good enough.

Lacewedding dresses are truly the best option for wedding dresses. If you are searching for the perfect wedding dress made of lace materials, dressestylist has a wide array to choose from. 

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