Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vintage Wedding Dresses

There is something very feminine and romantic about a vintage wedding dress. They just look more intricate and really emphasize a woman’s body. Most vintage wedding dresses are also made of luxurious fabric and fragile lace or chiffon which makes it all the more romantic and sentimental. If you are a vintage lover or simply dream of owning a vintagewedding dress for its delicate details and intricacies, Dressestylist has a wide range it can offer. Here are other more reasons why you should choose a vintage wedding dress:

Unique Style
These days, you will hardly find a wedding dress style similar to what your mother or grandmother wore on their wedding day. Sure, it may have some similarities but of course, designers are well aware that they have to update the look and make it more modern to appeal to a wider range of customers. But there will always be a market for vintage styles. It may be niche marketing but still, there is a demand for vintage wedding dresses. Why? Because some brides prefer the uniqueness of it. Since vintage styles are no longer on the racks of modern designers which more people have access to, you can be assured you will look unique on your wedding day.


      Helping the environment
There is a growing concern nowadays to making life greener and lessening carbon footprint. Wearing something vintage is actually recycling old clothes. You can help lessen cutting of trees to get the raw materials for creating a wedding dress. You also lessen your carbon footprint by lessening the amount of tress cut and the amount of energy expenditure in creating clothes. Help create a greener and cleaner environment by wearing vintage wedding dresses.

      Save money
Another reason to love vintage wedding dresses is it allows you to save money. There is no production cost and the fact that you will be wearing something used makes it cheaper than purchasing a new wedding dress. Vintage wedding dresses from Dressestylist range from as low as 139.39GBP for a simple but elegant wedding dress to 359.49GBP for a flamboyant wedding dress. They have a wide selection of designs to choose from.

Vintage wedding dresses are a great option for brides-to-be who want a unique style and design, to help the environment, and save money. Dressestylist is a great source for such wedding dresses as they offer a wide range. 

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