Saturday, January 17, 2015

Craves and Sights Baguio Edition: Oh My Gulay, Everything Nice Cafe, Cafe by the Ruins, Secret Garden, Hill Station

My adventure with food will not stop here in Manila. Of course, I had to take advantage of eating at various restaurants and cafes in Baguio as well. Needless to say, my tummy, palate, and eyes were satisfied. There are many more restaurants and cafes worthy to try there but again, due to the extreme amount of people influx the time we were there, we were'nt able to try all that we listed in our itinerary. However, I was happy that most of them we were able to go to. 

Oh My Gulay
If you are into the vegetarian craze, this restaurant will appeal to you. I've read and heard so much about this restaurant before and everything were sweet words. So my friend and I decided we have to finally see and eat there. Honestly, upon entering, I was overwhelmed by the architecture and interior design. It was very Baguio - with indigenous icons, design, and the overall ambiance felt very welcoming. But in terms of the food, I was not really satisfied. In my opinion it was a bit overhyped. The ambiance is really something and worth coming back for but the food is not something my taste buds will crave for. I was fascinated by the decorations but not so much with the food. The service was okay - not superb. There were only like 2 waiters and the restaurant was packed. I think they are overstretched. They need to hire more staff. But if you are looking for a nice place to maybe just relax and have some snacks, this is a great place. But for a meal to keep you satisfied and tongues happy, I would suggest elsewhere.

This café isn't anything new to me. I always go here whenever I want some sugar fix or maybe just to have a nice warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee. The ambiance is just like any other café - dainty and cosy. But I really like their cakes - soft and moist. Their coffee and hot chocolate are also good. They also serve a variety of meals but I don't remember trying any of them. Maybe I should next time? Their main branch is located inside Camp John Hay but they have a small area in SM Baguio as well to make it more accessible to people. I highly recommend going here if you want something sweet, warm, and comforting.

This is another very popular restaurant in Baguio. Almost everyone I know who goes to Baguio eats at least once during their vacation here. The original restaurant is located near Burnham Park. It was named after a building that was ruined during the earthquake in the '90's. That branch has an indie and organic feel to it. But because of the high demand, I think, they opened another branch located near South Drive. This branch has a more modern ambiance. But the amount of people dining are the same - packed and no vacant chairs/tables in sight. In terms of the food, I think it is mediocre - not really something I would eat again. There was something lacking in the taste. Food doesn't taste extraordinary. I really hope they can improve the taste of their food because the ambiance is really nice. This is already my second time here as initially I thought it could probably be just the food I ordered but no, their food is really a bit bland.

Secret Garden
This has become my new favourite restaurant. Not too many people eat here as it is a bit tucked away in the middle of South Drive. The ambiance down to the food and service - everything was a delight. The ambiance was very cosy - everything you would imagine during Christmas dinner. The food was also to die for! I would eat here again when I go back; definitely highly recommended.

Most blogs and articles rank this restaurant/hotel as the best in Baguio - and I could not agree more. I love Secret Garden but this one is really something. It is accessible, the food tastes really, really good and the ambiance is sophisticated. If I could eat in only one restaurant in Baguio this would be it - but that is if money were no object. It is quite expensive here and one meal would cost more than 200.00PHP. But for the quality of food and service you will get, every penny spent is worth it. I should warn you though that it gets really packed as well especially in the evenings so better get there early or at a later time when there are few people.