Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Suicide stories are always heartbreaking. I can never understand why someone would want to kill himself. Though there are so many problems and challenges we encounter everyday, killing yourself is never the solution. For what it's worth, I think it will only make matters worse. You may not have to think about your problems anymore, but those you left behind will. Not only that, your death will only add to the stress and problems that they have. Don't be selfish and think about yourself. Think about the people around you as well. How will they feel if you kill yourself? How will they cope if you are no longer around? How will your death affect them? Will your death solve your problems? These are just a few questions to ask. Suicide - I will never understand it.

I few weeks back, I heard this news about a family committing suicide. The mother, father, and three kids were found inside their room dead and people speculate it to be suicide. There were even letters distributed among friends and neighbors giving sign that the family is about to commit suicide. Though I find this news too farfetched to be suicide, people still believe that it is. You can read the entire news here. Anyway, point is, how could an entire family do this? How can the parents take having their children commit suicide with them? If you are having problems, why not talk about it with other people? If you need help, why don't you ask for it? I believe suicide is just adding to the problem instead of solving it.

But I guess I can never judge anyone how they handle their own problems. That is how he thinks he can cope and that is how he thinks it will solve it. I think differently, but I guess I can never shove down anyone's throat my opinions and perceptions in life. I am scared of pain and I am scared of death, which is probably why I think differently. Nonetheless, I hope this family finds peace and happiness with the Lord as I believe they are with Him now.

Hat: SM Dept. Store | Cardigan and Socks: H&M | Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Uniqlo 
Boots: Trunkshow | Bag: Furla | Bracelet: from mom


  1. How cute look! Little retro and so chic! I love this skirt! Just perfect styled!

  2. suicide is such a sad topic.. I'm lucky that i don't know anyone personally who have committed it but can only feel for those who have someone who's going thru depression and resorts to suicide.

    anyway, i think you look great!! love the white, red and black combo!!

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    1. I know. I am lucky I don't know anyone who did this as well. But I do know people who know someone who attempted suicide. It is a sad thing and so difficult to understand.