Thursday, April 09, 2015

In-Flight Essentials

I am the type of person who tends to over pack. You can say I am impractical but at least I am prepared for anything. I always bring extra underwear and extra clothes because you just never know. Not just clothes, but when it comes to in-flight essentials, I think I tend to go overboard sometimes. My philosophy is: I'd rather have too many unnecessary things than to have nothing at all. I guess you can say I am quite the pessimist so I always like to be prepared. I am not going to show you everything that is inside my carry-on bag but here are just a few things which I think are necessary to have to ensure that you will have a comfortable and fun flight. 

Good Book
I always make sure that I bring with me a good book to read and pass time while I wait to arrive at my destination. Currently I am reading Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. I've only recently been into his books and I can say I love him! One of the most imaginative writers I've encountered.

I always feel sleepy after some time whenever I travel. Sometimes I don't even realize it that I've already fallen asleep. So definitely, bringing a pillow is necessary. But for me, instead of a travel/neck pillow, I bring this little boy (referring to Pink Panther) with me. He has been my travel buddy since college days and we have been together to so many different places. I always forget to take a picture of him though but now he is making his debut. He was with me when I went to El Nido and Hanoi last year as well as my last trip to Seoul in January. He is not only comfortable to rest my head on but also doubles as a buddy when traveling. I may be too old to keep such a thing but I like the idea that I get to bring something like this with me whenever I travel.

Some planes can get too cold for me so having a small blanket is important. I was lucky to get a free blanket from Innisfree so I can have a nice, warm, and comfy blanket whenever I travel. I used to use a scarf which most of the time do not give enough warmth. The blanket I got is the right size for traveling and is warm enough to keep me comfortable (sorry I forgot to include it in the picture).

If you are flying red eye, I don't think this will be necessary as the crew will really shut off the lights. But for normal flights, this is necessary. As mentioned above, I tend to sleep a lot when traveling. This is important for me so I can sleep comfortably as I can't sleep with lights on. When I am tired of reading, I will put this on, wrap my blanket around my torso, position my pillow and drift into dreamland.

Fussy Socks
Upon boarding the plane, I always switch to fussy socks. This is to give myself added warmth because as I said, some planes become unbearably cold for me.

Of course, who doesn't feel hungry after a few minutes/hours of flying? I always need something sweet and salty whenever I fly. I am not sure why but I feel like my taste buds are affected by the cabin pressure. I always crave for something sweet initially and then something salty later on. A trail mix is a good idea as it is both sweet and salty. Killing two birds with one stone (one of my favorite lines to say). Also, because I always fly Cebu Pacific, their meals are not included in the airfare (it is a budget airline anyway so everything else has to be paid for) which are a bit expensive. And you know what they say about airplane meals not tasting good, right?

Baby Wipes
I prefer using baby wipes than feminine wipes and makeup remover because it can act as both. It is gentle enough for both your genital and your face. I also use this to wipe my hands before munching on my snacks. It is gentle on the skin but tough on germs. I remove the makeup I have on when I am on the plane because I don't want it to sit on my skin for too long and also because I don't want it smudging on my pillow, blanket, and blindfold when I decide to sleep.

Though I already have baby wipes with me, I still like bringing alcohol with me. This is just in case I held something really disgusting like when I just went to the loo. It is a waste to keep using the baby wipes to disinfect my hands all the time so bringing an alcohol is important.

It is inevitable to encounter noisy seatmates on the plane. I fly with a budget airline so I can't really choose who I will seat with (and because they don't have business class). So having earphones

Lip Balm
The cabin pressure can be very drying not just on the skin but also on the lips. I get chapped lips all the time and I don't know why so carrying a lip balm wherever I go is necessary. Sometimes though when my lips get too chapped and dry, I prefer using petroleum jelly as I find this more moisturizing and healing than lip balm.

Hand Lotion
After washing my hands with alcohol/wet wipes/water with soap, I need to put hand lotion immediately after. I find my skin drying up whenever I wash it so putting hand lotion after is necessary. I guess you can say that I am a very "dry" person and the only thing moisturized in my body is my face. 

What are your in-flight essentials?


  1. Yeahh the essentials! I always have this whenever i have to travel far :)

    1. They are very, very important when traveling!

  2. Great selection ! Lip balm and hand lotion are always my essentials :)