Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sarsa Kitchen

Dress: from Korea | Shoes: H&M | Bag: Furla | Necklace: Forever 21

I do not intend to convert my blog into a food blog. I am neither a fashion expert nor a food connoisseur thus I'd rather keep my blog the way it is: personal. But lately I've been eating too much it's not even normal anymore. This is a serious case of gluttony and my growing belly is evidence that I really need to cut down my calorie intake. Food is one of the world's nastiest temptations and one of the hardest to resist as well. I need to learn how to control my hunger.

Though Filipino food is not really in the map of great cuisines of the world, I believe our food has a complex taste that can only match those looking for a gastronomic adventure. It doesn't look half as a good as Japanese of French cuisine but in terms of taste, I think nothing can rival. It is a mixture of Spanish and other cuisines that creates layers and layers of flavors. I am not bragging in any way. I just think Filipino cuisine is appreciated by those who seek something different, something adventurous, and something very tasty. 

Sarsa kitchen has a newly opened branch along Rada Street in Makati City and I've always been curious about this restaurant. The owner is a former judge of Pinoy Master Chef so diners are guaranteed of a delightful dining experience. The restaurant serves authentic Ilonggo dishes. Ilonngo dish is one of the many types of Filipino cuisine. It is known for their Chicken Inasal, La Paz Batchoy and Molo. My friend and I decided to try their La Paz Batchoy because I am a huge fan of this noodle-based dish, Tofu Inasal for a healthier version than chicken, and for dessert we ordered Buko Pie a la Mode and Banana-Chocolate Turon.

Location: Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City

In terms of ambiance, it is not what I expected. Since the restaurant is serving authentic Ilonggo dishes, I thought it would look something native or something with a touch of Ilonggo-ness. But when I entered, it looks more Mediterranean than Ilonggo or Filipino. I am not going to say I was disappointed because really, I was awed by how colorful and beautiful the tiles on the walls are. I also thought the color choices were very cool and calm. It makes the whole dining experience more pleasant. But I don't think the ambiance matches the food that they serve. If they were serving a different cuisine I think the ambiance would be perfect. But since they are serving Ilonggo dishes which is Filipino, I think a Filipino ambiance would match it better. But then again, I am thinking the owner wants to try something else. I just think the ambiance and the food is not harmonious. But if thought separately, both are really good.

I can't say anything bad about the food. It was really good! The garlic rice matched the tofu inasal really well. I wasn't expecting much with the tofu inasal because we all know tofu can be very bland. But the marinade made the tofu very tasty. It was also grilled perfectly; the inside is very soft and easy to slice through. The specially made sauce made the inasal taste even better. I was surprised by this dish and never expected it to be this good. The La Paz Batchoy was also very delicious. I am a fan of any noodle dish and I love my noodles al dente. We ordered the regular one and I regretted it. It was delicious and really good but I really like my La Paz Batchoy with egg and you can only get that with the special version (plus other fattening and caloric ingredients like bone marrow and ribs). The chicharon on top was still very crispy and the pork was very tender. I am not a fan of liver so I gave them all to my friend. The Buko Pie a la Mode was also very surprising. They did not use the typical pie crust but instead used a turon-like or crepe-like wrapper to fry/bake the pie and create a crispy crust. It was drizzled with pandan sauce which I think is just condensed milk mixed with pandan flavoring and a scoop of ice cream on the side. I am not sure if the ice cream is homemade but the texture is different from the store-bought ones. It was extra thick, creamy and sticky. It was so good! My friend on the other hand ordered the Banana-Chocolate Turon. She kindly gave me a slice and it was also very delicious. The turon is very crispy and the chocolate sauce tastes more like chocnut. 

I commend the restaurant for providing excellent service. There were enough servers and everyone is really working. The food was served after a few minutes which is typical of a sit-down restaurant but it did not take too long. the food was also served hot. The server even kindly poured the noodles to each of our soup bowls giving both my friend and I equal amounts of noodles, soup, pork and other ingredients. They serve fast and efficiently. I am really happy with how they served us.

I am very pleased with the restaurant. Though I think the ambiance doesn't match what they serve, I think the food and the service matter more and this restaurants provided excellence in both. I would definitely dine here again.


  1. Lovely outfit, beautiful photos and the food looks great. :)

  2. hi...i just blog walking n stop by on your beautiful regards!

  3. Thank you, dear! Without doubt. The first t-shirt is for people, like me, you never know what to wear in the summer. ahahah

    Love your shoes :D

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    1. You mean people like us? Haha! Thank you!

  4. The food looks delicious! And I love your outfit too. :)

  5. Your skirt looks so cute. And this place looks so cozy!

  6. Your skirt looks so cute. And this place looks so cozy!

  7. First, you are very slim, but I agree with you na mahirap mag reduce. Being a Filippino, I loved of course our cuisine, but I love trying othe's cuisine as well.
    Maybe I can visit that place paguwi ko dyan one day:)

    1. I am slim but I have a growing belly which is so not proportional. :(
      Go! They have other branches as well if Makati is not accessible to you.

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  13. Cute skirt! The food looks delicious, too!

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  14. Wow - the food looks amazing. I also love your skirt. xx


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