Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blogger Problems #2: Photo-bombers

Dress: Walk Trendy | Clutch and Socks: Forever 21 | Oxfords: Ichigo

Continuing the series of blogger problems I am sure most of us have experienced are the so-called photo-bombers. I don't know where, what and how this term started but is used to describe a person who is not supposed to be in the picture but is there. The most famous photo-bomber is Jennifer Lawrence as seen on the pictures below. This girl just loves to be in pictures. If it is Jennifer Lawrence doing it or some other famous personality, people find it cute, funny and charming. But when ordinary people do it, we find it annoying, irritating and infuriating (talk about discrimination). But I guess it is human nature to always make a distinction between famous and ordinary people; between the rich and poor; between the attractive and destructive.

If you like shooting outdoors, it is inevitable that there will be a few pictures with people on your background. You are shooting in a public place and thus you have no right to tell them off. Unless you are shooting in your own backyard, you don't have the right to shoo people away just so you can take a nice shot. As a blogger, you want your pictures to be the perfect shot with you, your outfit, and a clear background. But sometimes the universe doesn't conspire and give you what you want. There will be times when there will be people who should not be in your picture but are there. This is one of the reasons why I try to look for a secluded place as much as possible. If I can't find one, my friend tries various angles. If I really like a place but there are people around, I sometimes crop them out of the picture when I edit them. But worse comes to worst, you just have to have a good photographer friend/boyfriend who can find the right angle that will make the people around you blend in the background and not steal your shot. That photographer has to make you stand out.

As a blogger, famous or not, photo-bombers will always be annoying because that would mean you have to repeat the shot or try other angles where the photo-bomber can be hidden and that means more work on editing and more times spent on taking pictures. The way around it is not easy, but what can you do? Use of public spaces are free and you can't tell people where they should stand or not. It is their right to stand there so just deal with it.

This dress was given to me by the lovely people of Walk Trendy. I was impressed by how well the dress fits me. Their dresses range from XS to L and I am a S. I was thinking it might be too tight on my body but surprisingly it fits really well. What you see on their website is what you get. I am in-love with this dress and I will be wearing this many more times. They have so many cute dresses so I suggest you go check them out.


  1. Ah yes photo bombers. I have a love hate relationship with them tho. I love it when Im the photo bomber but I hate it when Im the victim hahah lovely outfit BTW

    BCfactor Blog

  2. Beautiful dress!!! :)

    So far, I haven't encountered a lot of photo bombers naman. Hehe. But yes, it can be a bit annoying especially if you've already captured the right angle and the right lighting, tapos may singit. Hehe! :D


  3. U look just fabulous, the entire outfit is so fun and full of colors.

  4. Love that dress, I actually really like all the clothing items that have collars!


  5. I love doing my OOTDs in outdoors..and this is one major problem I face everytime..It's really annoying but as you said nothing can be done actually because it's a public place :/
    Hey between I loved the dress you are wearing..and you looking soo feminine and pretty <3

  6. Yes, photo bombers! I don't have a lot of experiences about it on my photos but guess I am the one who does the thing. I photo bomb a lot Lol Especially on my friends' selfies. Oh btw, I love your shoes! <3

    Lou | wandersoul.co.vu

  7. Adorable dress. You are very pretty :)