Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Milky & Sunny

I am always on the hunt for good breakfast places. I love breakfast food and I can live with just that - no kidding. I am attracted to the sweet smell of bread, pancakes and waffles and the mouthwatering saltiness of eggs and bacon. Imagine my delight when I happened to pass by Milky&Sunny one day. I was having a bad day because a security guard pissed me off and it was too darn humid. My friend and I were looking for a bubble tea place to cool off. As we were walking I saw a cute and quirky signage that says Milky&Sunny. We looked at the pastries on display and we were sold. We couldn't leave anymore. We were only supposed to drink bubble tea but we ended up having a full meal. We said we wouldn't spend money on food anymore because we've been eating too much but we still ended up buying a few choices from their menu. I may have felt guilty after for spending but if my stomach and taste buds are happy, I could forget about the guilt.

I can't say anything bad about the ambiance. I was in-love with it! It is your typical quirky breakfast places. I love the neon lights on the wall upon entering. I love the garden benches and tables on the entrance where you can enjoy your breakfast food. I love the industrial feel of the ceiling and the lights. I love the colors of the chairs and the walls. It had a lovely and cute ambiance. I also love the fact that they have outlets for each table. This is the perfect place for students pulling an all-nighter or doing homework on their computers. They also have pillows on the lounges to make eating more comfortable. It was like having breakfast in bed.

It was worth the hype! I've read so many blogs and articles about Milky&Sunny. They used to have just one branch which is in Pasig and very inaccessible to where I live which is why I've never been there. But I have always wanted to go there because of their infamous red velvet pancakes. Though my friend and I did not order the red velvet pancakes, what we ordered were delicious nonetheless. The food was really, really good. The banana-oreo french toast with vanilla ice cream on top was to die for! It was soft and soaked well on the egg batter before cooking. The banana and oreo mash on the middle of two slices of french toasted bread were blended well. The oreo pieces were crushed and crumbled well to give enough crunch without being too grainy and crunchy. And the best thing about it is that it is not too sweet. The problem I have with pancakes, waffles and french toasts is that they are most the time too sweet. They are drizzled with too much honey or maple syrup that makes them diabetes-inducing sweet. I mean, I love sweets and I can't live without them. But I will surely can't live if I eat something too sweet (get it? I will die. Hahaha!). The milkshakes are not as creamy like what I expected it to be but is delicious nonetheless. I would prefer it if they added ice cream to it, which I believe they did not. I love milkshakes that are extra frothy and creamy. The bacon tostados are also surprisingly really good. It was spicy but not too much and the nachos are easy to eat. It is the perfect appetizer. The longganisa pasta is also really good. It is served using angel hair past with slices of tomatoes on top. It is garlic-y and not too salty. My tummy and my taste buds were definitely satisfied.

I am also impressed with their service. The waitress was really attentive to her customers. Though she is alone is serving she was able to meet the demands of the customers. She always refills our glasses with lemon water even if we don't call her attention. Food was also served fast. It only took a few minutes and our food was already served. I love that they were able to provide customers with excellent service despite this branching opening only a few days/weeks ago. The tables are also clean and if you request something like extra plates and utensils, they will provide it right away.

Overall, I am one happy customer and I will be coming back. There are still so many things in their menu that I want to try. Also, my friend and I were here for dinner which explains the grainy and dark pictures. I want to have real breakfast here soon. 


  1. You look so pretty!!!...thx for sharing honey...:-)

  2. nice, lovely
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  3. Adorable place. Your photos are beautiful :)

  4. I love a good breakfast place too! Too bad I haven't found one here in Davao. This place looks really nice. Where is this exactly?

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  5. Great pictures

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  6. I love eating breakfast at home unless we are on vacation.
    You are lovely as always:)

  7. What a nice place. Love your shoes. xx


  8. great pics, love your shoes

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  9. Dresslink is always a good idea :D Have a great pieces and a lot of quality :D

    Lovely place and amazing outfit as usual :D

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  10. That cafe looks so cute, and I want that milk shake

  11. aww the food looks amazing, and your review makes me wanna visit that place <3


  12. The food really looks good! I would love to taste the French toast! c: So yummy~

  13. Looks like a great restaurant! the foods looks tasty!

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  14. Been here once and I loved it! :D sana makabalik ako soon! :)


  15. This looks like a super cute place to hang out with girlfriends :) The food looks delicious, too!

    xoxo, Christina

    Stray Birds and Lavender

  16. lovely x